UGO: 50 Cent Blood on the Sand Preview

UGO writes: "In recent years, gamers have become a bit more savvy when it comes to buying in to branded crap. Sure, bad movie franchise games normally sell well, but anyone who knows anything about gaming knows to stay away from them. The same thing happened with 50 Cent: Bulletproof a couple years ago. Despite featuring the all-star hip-hop artist, the game was absolute crud, and was panned by just about everyone under the sun. So Sierra's back to make another one!

Clearly Sierra knew they didn't have a gem with the last title, so for this time around they're going down a different path. Instead of an intense, story-based squad combat game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is about as action-packed as they get. It looks more like an arcade game, with dollar amounts and special effects popping up on the screen every two seconds. Fans of The Club will instantly find themselves at home with 50 Cent's aesthetic and ridiculous story (which is about as important as the riveting plot of Moon Patrol). Basically 50 Cent goes to war with half the Middle East when they steal his diamond skull, which was supposed to be payment for a concert. Uh, yeah, next!"

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sonarus3819d ago

lol @PS3 giving them the most profit. I got my copy of UT3 but sadly enough most of my friends weren't interested was a pretty good game for about a week or two. I would definitely recommend it any X360 owners looking for shooters