Gamedaily: Iron Man Review - This one's a victim of heavy meddling

Gamedaily writes: "Chalk up another super hero-licensed video game that fails to entertain. Sega's take on Iron Man movie franchise, developed by Secret Level, puts players into the Tony Stark-built suit, fending off hundreds of enemies while firing lasers and engaging in high-speed flight. The only problem is that the game gets old real quickly, putting a heavy amount of rust on this shiny suit of armor.

You're first introduced to Stark through a crudely average CG sequence. He's kidnapped by terrorists in Afghanistan and given an ultimatum – build a super weapon or die. Instead, he builds a makeshift suit of armor, beating down the terrorists and returning home. Once he arrives, he creates a more sophisticated suit and fights against his own company, destroying stockpiles of weapons and enemies. Never mind dropping stock values and a loss of money – he must save the world!"

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Archaeox3817d ago

My guess is because movie games have to follow the storyline of the movie, or don't put as much time into the game, or are bad devs