Watch NetFlix "WatchNow" movies on your Xbox 360.

"vmcNetflix is an add-in for Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center which allows you to manage your NetFlix subscription, stream NetFlix "WatchNow" movies directly to the Media Center player, or download the movies for playback later from a "WatchLater" gallery." writes eluttmann04.

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Bladestar3816d ago

I just tried it.. works great... mmmm.. digital distribution just got better.

wow4u3816d ago

Also, for those who dont know, you can use the online service from CinemaNow


and Vongo

The good thing about the Xbox 360 is that you can use all kinds of competing and different Digital Distribution vendors via Windows Media Center. You have the choice to pick whichever service you might like.

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badkolo3816d ago

this is so cool but they need to make it part of the 360 so its adopted by all, have a blad where u can sign in to your netflix or cinemanow or vongo account and download whatever movie you want, becuase the 360 movie list if barely changed and the choice of movies is lackluster, but adding this would change itforever.

wow4u3816d ago

The current list of movies is the better than its competitor -- so, while not perfect, it is "the best" in the market.

And, if you want more, well, that's the point of the story.

You can get Netflix on your Xbox 360 right now.

sak5003815d ago

Why do u guys assume people other than americans also need netflix or other services? WE can't download stuff already in marketplace of USA so whats the point of cluttering it up more.

Ureval3815d ago

There is one major reason why netflix on my Xbox is better then Netflix on my PC. Cause my TV is bigger then my monitor and I can relax on my couch.

Trying this as soon as I get home.

wow4u3814d ago

Exactly its terrific. Netflix on your Xbox 360 is the end game for plastic discs.

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The story is too old to be commented.