Killzone 2 To Be at Sony Gamer's Day?

Lofty Gaming writes: "Tomorrow's event is going to be awesome, a lot of new videos, info and screens of PlayStation Games releasing this year. Now things get more exciting with the post of a guy from Insomniac".

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Fat Bastard3815d ago

I think the xbots just shiit themselves

techie3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Link was originally wrong.

Edit: It was, the link has now been changed. So back off disagree'ers

sonarus3815d ago

I don't really think this is confirmation. Anyway its still a rumor. Its just a one word respons, i hardly see that as definitive.

If KZ2 did show up at Gamers day, i would be happy. At least i know the game is still being worked on and hasn't been abandoned. I hope they will be showing off gameplay and no tech demos pls. We have seen enough of those. Just a new level, possibly an exciting one would do fine

fenderputty3815d ago

I know it's just a forum post but, I would say that's a rather good source.

BTW ... I don't care if it was the same level. In fact, I hope it is the same level. I don't want to have anything else spoiled for me. All I want to see is progress. The devs talked about lack of textures and such last year, I would like to see some of those things be implemented.

sonarus3815d ago

lol i don't care enough about this game to defend against spoilers at this point. One thing guerrilla must understand is that their 1yr absence has cast a shadow of doubt and uncertainty around their game. They need to fix this one way or the other.

Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM3815d ago

show me one of the 3 games that made my buy my PS3 on launch day.

Bring on KILLZONE II and let the carnage begin.

chaosatom3333815d ago

GTAiv---> Haze ----> Mgs4 ----> E3----> Explosion-----> Socom ----> LBP------> Eight Days-----> Resistance 2 -----> White Knights ----> KILLZONE2 ------> Uncharted 2 ---> GT5---> Heavy Rain-----> FFX13 or versus-----> God of war -----> inFamous---> L.A. Noire -----> Getaway

phony force slayer3815d ago


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TrevorPhillips3815d ago

i cant wait for this game :)

Ovidius3815d ago

New gameplay I hope. So the event is tomorrow? I hadn't even known it was this month till today! X.X Can't wait! What times tomorrow?

Sir Ken Kutaragi3815d ago

It's Tuesday now in the U.K ;) Few more hours to go;-P

resistance1003815d ago

No solid proof, but you never know

SRuN43815d ago

So the community manager from Insomniac isnt solid proof?