Technology First: OCZ Technology Rolls Out PC3-16000 4GB DDR3 RAM

OCZ Technology has rolled out the first PC3-16000 4GB (2x2048MB) DDR3 kits in the world, targeting those who want to remain at the forefront of computing performance, be it at work or play (I believe this will cater more to the latter though). This kit will feature overclocking capability for you to push it even further, and I suggest you know what you're doing lest you burn the whole thing up. Each kit comprises of two 2GB modules for 4GB system density running at 9-9-9 latencies and a record-breaking 2GHz data rate, achieved using only 1.9V which is well within the voltage tolerances of any DDR3 memory controller currently on the market.

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Valin3816d ago

But the question is what Motherboard will support a 2000mhz memory clock? I just looked up intel's Skulltrail and that will only support 1666mhz DDR3.

tamd3816d ago

wow it will be killer may be xfx 790i 3 way sli motherboard will do

DriftMax3816d ago

Just about any motherboard that accepts DDR3 will be able to run this at 2000mhz.
And skulltrail uses fully buffered ram so the doesn't work with skulltrail.

bourner3816d ago

what is the difference in speed compared to 1066 ddr2 ram ? i was going to get some ddr3 2gb for £100 but got 4gb ddr2 for less instead. the price has dropped in the last month though

Rozgar233816d ago

anyway what the motherboard can take its still only ram memory
ddr2 will be fine for just everything...

another fact is can ur motherboard + OS handle high speed Ram mems???

even if it can its useless, the ram memory is where the processes that are running is gathered, like a desk board, more space more process.....

I Call 9MM3816d ago

That is a huge heatsink on that stick. It'll block any side by side memory slots on your motherboard. And, it is dual air and liquid cooling. That's kind of neat. Still, it's much more cost effective to go with really good DDR2 RAM then to even attempt to use DDR3. You can still get X48 motherboards with DDR2 (and there are DDR3 versions of course), but for the 790i's you need to go with DDR3.

Hopefully as manufacturing ramps up DDR3 will start to come down. Right now, similar quality DDR2 costs much less then DDR3, by like 3 or 4 times, sometimes even higher then that.