How Microsoft Used GTAIV To Save The Xbox 360 From Extinction

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "For Sony to not secure any exclusive deals with GTAIV, they have broken their momentum. They have given Microsoft too much room to shoot. Microsoft took advantage of that and have very strong sales of the GTAIV game and will have more coming this August to those lucky 360 owners."

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alexM3870d ago

GTA4 moved PS3s only

It convereted PS2 owners to PS3 but not XBUTT 3 FIX ME

Not to mention in europe ONLY PS3 version of GTA4 sold .

In USA PS3 version will end up selling as well as X360 PLUS there would be a huge number of PS2--> PS3 conversions

It is over for XBUTT and 3FIX ME

BLaZiN PRopHeT3870d ago

you joking right? come on why havent they IP banned you? In the UK the 360 version sold more than the ps3 version, or did you just decide to skip that? and in NA NPD will show you how wrong you are.

Deadman643870d ago

lol alex again with the sweet fanboy posts

Wildarmsjecht3870d ago

In that respect Prophet, UK is only one part of Europe, and NA is one part of the World. Retailers have already begun to state that in the US, its 60/40 MS favor, and 60/40 Sony favor in Eur. Really, the whole thing is pointless. We'll be hearing stuff like this for 2 more weeks before NPD comes out and even then, it won't truly be relevant till next month when GTA has been out for that period of time.

alexM3870d ago

why do you post here stupid XBUTT

In UK PS3 :x360 had 45:55 split despite PS3 having 70% of X360's base in UK

In other parts of europe x360 doesnt even exits

Just go back to GT forums u stupid GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME fanboy

AngryTypingGuy3870d ago

Take a look at the software charts. The 360 doesn't need saving. It's the choice of the hardcore gamer.

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Drekken3870d ago

They are saved!!! GTA in April and they only have to wait till august for More GTA!!! HOORRAAAYY for MS!!!!! NG2 Exclusive is about all MS has up their sleeve, and again... PS3 has plenty of hack and slash coming.

Homicide3870d ago

Check it out at VGChartz. Yes it was the GTA IV week.

PS3 - 145K

360 - 119K

HD Console War over baby.

Proxy3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

This is my favorite PS3 news of the day! :D

(The article I mean. Why in PS3 section?)

power of Green 3870d ago

Not having this game would have caused great damage if the game never released we'd still be in the same boat just before the launch.

toughNAME3870d ago

Doesn't that mean the Xbox 360 saved GTA IV from extinction?

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Drekken3870d ago

Funny, I am 30% into single player with about 20 hours on multiplayer...

And there are work arounds to get it working - Given its a big pain, but hey sometimes you have to do what you have to do. But honestly its nothing compared to what I have had to do with PC games in the past.

toughNAME3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I'm taking a bubble everytime you stutter

EDIT - lmao did you just go down a bubble in the last 10 minutes?!

I'm taking his bubbles because he annoys me...that doesn't mean everyone has to swoop in a take them.

Lunch3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I think we can all agree that ToughName just got owned,lol?


Video that PorkyPig is linking to(In case it gets deleted) ^

Edit 2:It's like I can see into the future :O !

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Wildarmsjecht3870d ago

and i'll bubble him up. flamebait like your comment isn't wanted here.

Kazuo Hirai3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

he did get owned and stuff

toughNAME3870d ago

Except my original comment, and Drekken's

Drekken3870d ago

people must be real sensitive today, I lost 2 bubbles! lol

I dont need to talk 8 times in a story, but daaaamn!!!

Lunch3870d ago

It appears there's a Mod abusing his/her power,seeing as how ToughNames OpenZone comment is still here in the Gamer Zone,and PorkyPigs Gamer Zone comments have been deleted for no reason(I think it's because he proved ToughName wrong by linking to this video : )

My bubbles are sure to go next,but that's ok,because ToughName unknowingly admitted to having multiple accounts("I'm taking his bubbles"-A user can only take 1 bubble from another user,correct? )I'm going to be contacting the Admins to see if they can do something about it.

Drekken3870d ago

Lunch, you know I would... but I have better things to do then to cry to mods or make multiple accounts to make myself have more bubbles. I saw porky's comment and he basically owned toughname. Some people are the sensitive type.

I know I speak nothing but truth on this site and sometimes the truth hurts... but anyone who knows this should bubble me up like I bubble them up. I just dont make a big deal out of giving bubbles... if I like what they say, they get a bubble. and visa versa... just sad how people have to have multiple accounts to be able to talk on this site.

I get my gaming news from this site as I sift through the garbage... Its just weird how all my comments all day have not received crazy amounts of disagrees, but i lost 2 bubbles in one day. I was kinda harsh on the hack with the 75/100 review.. coulda been him and maybe not toughname... so who knows, who cares... I am going home to play GTA on my PS3 and IT WORKS. DISAGREE WITH THAT!

toughNAME3870d ago

lol what? When did I admit to multiple accounts?

Lunch I'm sure your bubbles will go next if you keep making comments like that. I gave Drekken a bubble because there is nothing wrong with what he said, he just didn't understand the [joke].

You lost 2 bubbles because you associated yourself with me.

hfaze3870d ago

Amen to that... and bubbles for you!

Lunch3870d ago

You gotta love this guy ^,not only does he make a fool of himself by making a ridiculous fanboy comment in the Gamer Zone,unknowingly admitting to using multiple accounts,and removing other users bubbles for being proven wrong,he actually has the nerve to make subtle threats on...get ready for it...Your bubbles.

I wonder if Break-I mean,ToughName,will get back on topic anytime soon.

i Shank u3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

lafffing at who said toughname admitted to multiple accounts and reported him; there exists a thing called "grammer", and toughname said bubble('s) in the plural form: since the person he was speaking of had more then one bubble, he said "bubbles". this site is always worth a laff :P

Breakfast3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

@ Lunch

You and i know you have multiple Ill stop their...but i must admit your not very intelligent.

Dont worry...i have a second account too....the name is - caught me!

Lunch3870d ago

"You and i know you have multiple Ill stop their...but i must admit your not very intelligent. "


You shouldn't be implying other people lack intelligence when you can't string a proper sentence together.

Thanks for the post though,gave me exactly what I needed!

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