Playstation World: MotorStorm 2 Preview

MotorStorm was a sweaty, dirty game. Outside of Call of Duty 4, Sony's console-exclusive off-road racer was the number one reason to stay online. It was a hard and unforgiving bastard too. MotorStorm was also buggy and flakey. Load times would wind you up long before the occasional random collisions sent your car spinning through the air in tiny pieces, in lovingly realised cutscenes that made Burnout blush. They couldn't be skipped. You got angry.

There's room for improvement, which is good as it means MotorStorm 2 won't just be a replay of the first game on a new set of tracks. Far from it. MotorStorm 2 is the sequel equivalent of a Swedish massage, the developer's hands have spent the last 18 months thumbing out all the little issues and glitches that made MotorStorm a pain to play, then lathering up the results with a glamorous setting, new vehicles and a surprisingly deep destructible environment.

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Ri0tSquad3822d ago

I can't wait for this game. The graphics and explosions in the first one were incredible.

CViper3822d ago

I'm just delighted to see that they can push the PS3 further and further.

blusoops3822d ago

This game sounds like it's gonna be great! more so than the first one!...You can race through water to cool your engine and thus boost for a longer period of that's what I call interactive environments!!!

LinuxGuru3822d ago

All those dumbheads that say the PS3 can't be pushed any further, and all this "potential" it has was a lie....

You can all go jump off a bridge now. Thanks.

heyheyhey3822d ago

this is going to be effing excellent

Motorstorm is one of the best, if not THE best games on the PS3

i spent like 200 hours on Motorstrom or something like that

i cant wait for this

sabbath4203822d ago

the fact that the first one pretty much sucked. this guy said it and many others as well. "all the little issues and glitches that made MotorStorm a pain to play". All the lies you sony fans are subject to before any sony exclusive launch, including the console itself. (4D, beyond any other gaming experience)I guess you are just used to being deceived by your all mighty sony god.
I have actually heard some of the sony fans here say that sony is a god, we must all bow down and all other consoles must and will die.
Good luck on this game being a bit more user friendly for you.

Ovidius3822d ago

Did you even play the game? The booth at your local gamestore doesn't count. Nor does 2 laps at a friends house either. And using xbox ***boy logic, since the game sold well, it has to be good! Motorstorm did sell well, and was a fantastic game. Apart from the no split-screen, it was and probably still is the best PS3 exclusive, and best off-road racer thus far this gen.

SL1M DADDY3821d ago

You never played the game. It's all to obvious because if you did then you would not have opened your mouth and said what you did. Now, you look like a fool.

Motorstorm is the best off road arcade racer on any platform and the only idiots that say otherwise are those stuck playing the "other" system and have not broadened their gaming experience by becoming open minded to all other games.

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The story is too old to be commented.