Where have all the HD DVDs gone?

Loot Ninja writes:

"I know that HD DVD is dead in the water now and the HD DVD players and movies are no longer being supported, but what I am talking about are the physical discs themselves?"

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taz80803871d ago

Will Blu Ray come ot 360?

taz80803871d ago

This was a big hit to the Xbox users, but would be nice to stock up on cheap HD movies if you could find them.

ReBurn3871d ago

It wasn't a hit to me, and I own an Xbox 360. I had no desire for the HD-DVD add-on.

Cherchez La Ghost3871d ago

How was it a hit for Xbox owners?!! This was a hit to Toshiba. Now, if MS were to utilze HD-DVD storage, Blu-Ray may had a real problem. Since MS lost "pennies" versus Toshiba's "dollars", there is no lost for MS. Remember, MS is a software company.

wallace10003870d ago

@ ReBurn - apparently those disagrees say it was a hit to you, you just didn't know it.
Can't say it was a hit to me or the majority of xbox 360 owners because last time i checked they didn't sell 15 million plus HD DVD add ons.

pp3871d ago

well if it does its all over for ps3

LevDog3871d ago

HAHA come on dude.. If Blu Ray came out for 360.. You know how much money Sony/Ps3 would make.. For ever 360 sold a percent would go to Sony/Ps3.. for every blu ray game disc sold on 360 a percent would go to Sony/Ps3.. Thats just more money Sony would make.. Not to mention the Kissing of the feet 360 owners would have to do to Ps3 owners..

MS wont do that.. They are too Dedicated to DD which is still far far far away.. and if they did to blu ray thats admitting defeat and Sony would be laughing all the way to the bank

jadenkorri3871d ago

the ps3 is selling more consoles faster than the 360, like 4-5 months ahead of them, when there are more ps3's out there than 360s, you still gonna argue its all over for the ps3, you guys have been saying that for awhile now, and the ps3 still sells strong...
ya sucks hd dvd's went out the window, and everyones wondering if MS will get Blu Ray, first of all, blu ray is sony, and it would be a smart move for MS to go blu ray, but then they would be supporting Sony with blu ray, there competition in the gaming will be interesting to see what happens, maybe MS will release there own "new player" to rival sony.... You never know...

jadenkorri3870d ago

im in the open zone......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Magnus3871d ago

try pawnshops i came upon 4 of them for 30 bucks

Mcrmarcher3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )


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