Xbox World 360: APB Preview

APB is the cops and robbers MMO from the creators of Crackdown. There are no levels, no 'Artificial Incompetence' to battle, and no numbers to slowly grind. Why? Well, according to Real Time Worlds' boss Dave Jones, "leveling is a broken concept - it's called a grind for a reason." So APB isn't about killing 2000 bunnies or crafting a new sword from the skins of 600 lizards; APB is about action and takes Counter Strike as its inspiration. APB is always player vs player with real rewards for success and real punishment for failure.

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dachiefsman3815d ago

this sounds promising.......

sonarus3815d ago

Max number of people online??

I know this will be good especially after playing GTA online.

alster233815d ago

it not on the 360 either only pc

edhe3815d ago

It's PC & 360. Using Live for the player vs player ranking.

Ri0tSquad3815d ago

This game sounds pretty damn good.

40cal3815d ago

This game actually sounds good. Still not enough to make me buy another 360 though.

green3815d ago

You could get it on PC as well and i think it will have cross platform play but i am not sure.

It will definately be a good game and here are some videos if you have not seen much of the game before. before.

The third video called DRIVE BY GAME PLAY is very very cool

kwicksandz3815d ago

i recently picked up crackdown and was surprised how good it was. i will keep my eyes on this one!

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The story is too old to be commented.