Next Prince of Persia will 'never' be ported to Wii

Joystiq writes: In much the same way that one might admire the Lillberg sofa-bed in an IKEA before throwing a mid-riot brick through the window, Ubisoft says it was impressed with the Wii's capabilities while bringing Prince of Persia: Rival Swords (by its own admission a "quick and dirty port") to the console.

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Winter47th3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Good, keep it next-gen only.

KeiZka3870d ago

Oh? You want it to be done on PS4, or Xbox720? Right...

Voiceofreason3870d ago

I see someone doesnt understand what next gen actually means.

Fux4Bux3870d ago

You know what he meant. Don't limit the game because of the Wii hardware, which is by all means last generation ancient technology.... and an utter rip-off at $250.

hardmetal3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

only if the wii version will affect the other versions.I want this game to utilize the max power of the PS3 & X360 in all aspects 'cause this is the reason why I buy them.

KeiZka3869d ago

Why the hell do you keep up on saying "Next gen" since it inherently means something that is to become, something that isn't now. As in NEXT.

See, next, as in the following to the current, and generation, an era of sorts. If they were to announce PoP to next generation, that is the follower of Wii, X0 and PS3, then I'd understand what you were crying about. Now? Oh well. Stick to your buzzwords if that makes you happy, though it just makes you look more of a loony than an educated person... Can't be that hard to differentiate two things, now can it? Oh well, fanbois.

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Varsarus3870d ago

Sigh, christ the Wii is great, I like Nintendo, they make incredible games, and I just see that there is no need to criticize the Wii, grow up.

badz1493869d ago

"they MADE incredible MARIO & ZELDA SPIN-OFF games"

MK_Red3870d ago

Awesome news. The problem is not the Wii, it's the ports to Wii that suck. It would be great to have a different spin-off on Wii and have the main POP on PS3 and 360.

Great great news indeed.

BrotherNick3869d ago

Exactly what I want. Spinoffs make more sense than crappy ports.

MK_Red3869d ago

True but I don't think most publishers are trying to make sense :( (Sadly).
They look at Wii as a portal for quick cash and not for what it is. A completely different console that can have it's unique games but sadly even Nintendo doesn't fully understand it.

Voiceofreason3870d ago

In a way that is great news. No crappy port. If they bring PoP to Wii it will be built from the ground up to take full advantage of the Wii. They are not saying we wont see this game on Wii, just that we wont see a "port" of the game on Wii..

ICUP3870d ago


i was going to said that.

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The story is too old to be commented.