Wii controls: the successes and failures

When the Wii remote and Nunchuck were first revealed, they held the potential to revolutionize both casual and hardcore control schemes alike. Since launch, the potential for simplified controls has largely been fulfilled, with Wii Sports setting the tone early on. The hardcore path has been a lot more rocky however, but the situation does seem to be slowly improving.

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PS360WII3820d ago

Fun read and oddly enough 3rd parties have shown us some great controls what with Medal of Honor, Pro Evo, No More Heroes, and Resident Evil. Nintendo has done it's fair share so it's nice to see some 3rd parties getting it ^^

zerolinkgannon3820d ago

Perfected da wii controls. Even games wit bad control I've still manage to cope with. Cant wait till 3rd parties perfect the controls as well.---Zerolink

kwicksandz3819d ago

Re4 wii had the best controls in video gaming. wii controls add so much to games i wish they would make more hardcore games for it. Id buy RE5 wii if they make it, and the force unleashed if its good

BrotherNick3819d ago

Wii controls for hardcore games are actually fun, it's kinda sad that people can't look past the pretty graphics.

KeiZka3819d ago

Indeed... Shallow, that is what it is. The western world, I mean.