Next-Gen PC Concepts Include Laser Screens, Tactile Interfaces, Glossiness

Gizmodo reports:

''The Microsoft-sponsored Next-Gen PC Design Competition asks its contestants to design the next generation of Windows-based PCs and judges the resulting entries on innovation, user experience, aesthetics and whether it can ever be manufactured.''

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Extra Guy3816d ago

This would have been my entry:

DeadlyFire3815d ago

None of these are what I would expect out of a Next-Gen. PC. I expect something smaller, but generally in the same boat of what we already have. Something like the Cuppa or Cinch Digital Home entries might be acceptable at one point down the line though. I expect the beginning of a next-generation PC to take place with an evolution of the monitor into a 3D type of image or panoramic view and eventually into a holographic image with touch pad or something replacing keyboard at some point down the line with option to use mouse or hands in the air for a mouse with optional thought control for mouse and keyboard. That is what I would call a Next-Gen. Computer. Panoramic monitors are already beginning to exist now. :P