Xbox Evolved - Dragonball Z Burst Limit Demo Headed To Xbox Live

Atari will be releasing the demo for upcoming DBZ game, Burst Limit on xbox live soon. Play as Goku or Yamcha in this single-player demo. More details on Xbox Evolved.


Demo hits Xbox Live Marketplace TOMORROW, May 15th. Kamehameha!

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DarkSniper3822d ago

Dark Sniper expects the Xbox 360 version of this game to horribly flop.


Blaze9293822d ago

How very flamboyant, please explain why you think so.

pp3822d ago

ahh poor sony bots no demo for psn so so sad

wass0073822d ago

Hahahahaha so wat we got naruto which will own!!!! dis game in graphics!!!

Thepro3183822d ago

PS3 version will out sell 360 version of dragonball z in japan

Blaze9293821d ago

Well duh, 360 flops in Japan. But does that mean the PS3 versions might outsell the 360 version in the US and etc? Maybe. Heck, maybe this game wont sell period. But then again, it can sell higher on 360 in the US...look at Devil May Cry 4....

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