Marvel Announces 3 New Movies - Expect 3 New Games

XBF Writes: "You can go ahead and count on three more games based on Marvel superheroes as Marvel Entertainment announced today that they already have planned releases for an Iron Man sequel, Thor movie, and the Avengers movie hinted at in Iron Man. ..."

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walken73844d ago

Just kidding, just seems like this should've been out 4 yrs ago.

King20083844d ago

will be worthy of the movies they are based on. You speaking of Wolverine while he's a great character I think the best X-Man of all-time was Gambit....think about he flirts with chicks, uses cards as weapons the possibilities for him on the big screen is endless. He should have at least been included in the movies since he was a very prominate character from the cartoon. Forget iceman and rogue gambit was all over that sh!t.

games4fun3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

gambit is an awesome character he also has a dark past because he worked for sinister and to add to things gambit is unable to be controlled by any mind techniques he is partially phsycokinetic/(forgot the word they used)

also he is just badass with the trenchcoat and pipe weapon along with cards could have been an awesome character actually

EDIT/QUESTION: has anyone ever wondered why gambit just doesnt grab on to a person and make them blow up? he can do it with any object why not people? it would make him a ridiculous person to fight you would never want to physically touch him and he is able to stop telepathics from doing anything to him

Defectiv3_Detectiv33844d ago

He's my favorite to. He is going to be in the new wolverine movie so hopeufully they'll add him in the game.

I'm just pissed there are like 3 xmen movies and none of them include Gambit. The have a dude w/ the mutant powers of a porcupine but no gambit? WTF

And whats up with Marvel Universe Online? That sounded like an awesome game b4 they went and cancelled it. Good job xbox.

Bleucrunch3844d ago

If anybody saw iron man you would already know their was gonna be a sequel when we saw warmachines armor right now and he said "NEXT TIME".
That was soo creative on the directors part and halarious at the same time. I cant wait.

Charlie26883844d ago

anybody that saw the small ZOMG moment after the credits knows there is a sequel plus some "other" movie in the making ;)

or you could have also read the directors commentary when he said from day 1 it will be a trilogy

zerolinkgannon3844d ago

Marvel vs capcom 3, that's the only news I wanna hear

Ivix3844d ago

That game would make my life.

vloeistof3844d ago

the avengers :)

anybody know if its true that tony stark will be in the credits of the upcoming hulk movie. spoilers

he is soposed to talk about the avengers with bruce banner :)

vgn243844d ago

He's credited on IMDB as being Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk

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