Blue Dragon Achievements Revealed finally discovers the achievements for the highly anticipated JRPG Blue Dragon - but they're all in Japanese! RPGSite translates.

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Sphinx4457d ago

I need to add this game to my Christmas list... right? Wait, when does it come out? I lose track with so many good Xbox 360 games coming out.

willud4skins4457d ago

comes out in january i believe

ernande4456d ago

I believe it takes a few months to translate the game and record English voiceovers.

It will probably be released late-spring here in the US. That's just my hunch.

Weren't Ninety Nine Nights and Enchanted Arms launch titles in Japan? They were released 8 months later here in the US.

devv054456d ago

Will there be english voice-overs anyway? N3 wasnt released 8 months later, maybe 2 or 3 max. Blue Dragon is scheduled in VS/EU for januari as far as I know.