MMO Week: SOE president John Smedley Interview - The latest on the company's PS3 titles

Continuing MMO Week on is a wide-ranging and in-depth interview with one of the most influential figures in the genre, worldwide - as president of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley is responsible for a large number of key MMO titles, including the Everquest games and Star Wars: Galaxies.

The company's experienced mixed fortunes with some of its titles more recently, but with titles in development such as The Agency for the PlayStation 3 and another title in development for the Indian market based on the Ramayan 3392 AD comic, there's a lot more yet to come.

Q: How is work coming along on the PS3 titles?

John Smedley: Work's coming along great - we've been very careful to keep our games playable as much as possible all the time. We're using the Unreal 3 engine for DC and Agency, and because of that we're a long way along on those titles.

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