Q&A: D2C On WiiWare, PSP As 'Sleeping Giant'

Developer D2C Games (founded by Madden veteran Scott Orr), which announced $6 million in funding in mid-2007, has announced SPOGS Racing, a "frenzied, arcade-style" racing game to debut on WiiWare.

SPOGS Racing features racers that can be customized using in-game images and vehicle parts - with players able to steal upgraded parts from opponents with the title's "Crash N' Grab" feature.

More information on the cartoon-styled, family-oriented downloadable title - for which PC and PSP versions are 'coming soon', and which looks to be one of the more fully-featured games in development for WiiWare, is available on the officialSPOGS Racing website.

In this interview, Gamasutra talked to Orr about why firm picked Wii's downloadable service over the others, and why he thinks the PSP platform is "a sleeping giant" in terms of possible sales.

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