Xbox Live Video hands-on snagged a few shots of Microsoft's new Xbox Live Video HDTV and HD movie download platform tonight. There isn't a whole lot to say since there was essentially zero mystery excepting seeing the actual XBL interface in person, but you should still click on to see a screen-by-screen of how you'll be wasting all those Microsoft Points this fall/winter.

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kewlkat0074452d ago

Didn't PS3 say digital content download start with them?

Anyhow I give credit to this "sonyfanboy" for writing this comment about this wonderful news.

"Alex P @ Nov 7th 2006 1:01AM

I consider myself a PS3 fanboy but I find this feature of the 360 to be an overwhelming advantage over the PS3. I have always thought of downloadable movies as the generation after Blu-Ray/ HD DVD. The 360 seems to have everything going right for them, while the PS3 continues to lag behind. The bad new for the PS3 is non-stop. Meanwhile, the 360 is adding features everyday.

This feature has put the 360 way above the PS3 in terms of being a multimedia station. The 360 also has better games comming out and slightly better graphics from what I've seen so far even though the PS3 isnt out yet.

I don't want to be stuck paying $200 dollars more for less of a machine. This feature has clinched my decision to buy a 360 rather than my beloved PS3. I never though I'd be saying this a year ago."


big_tim4452d ago

Sony announced this type of digital distibution before MS jumped on it. MS has the advantage in that they can implement sony's ideas after they announce them but before they can implement them(i.e. 1080p) The sony store has been on record as saying it will offer movies, music and tv shows.

To me it shows how bad microsoft wants to come out on top. I am glad that they are so aggressive. I hope it rubs off on Sony so that we the consumer get the best out of both. I just know that in these forums fanboys will take this and argue it to death.

power of Green 4452d ago

I have to dissagree 1080p and this online movie service isn't something that was achieved over night. MS designed the 360 to do these things from the start. Live itself was testing ground(DAM!,EA) never the less it would be foolish to think the 360 just happen to be able to funtion in these ways, the online pay system works and MS is acting on it. THATS THEIR VISION.

big_tim4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

With the advent of upgradable hardware via software updates, these systems have the ability to evolve. To me, that is one of the biggest pros for the new generation. If something isn't working right they can fix it.

big_tim4452d ago

I am disappointed that they don't offer 1080p video. I know they can't because of harddrive limitations. And upscaling isn't as good. But I haven't jumped on the whole digital download bandwagon just yet. I still prefer to get a disc and put it in the machine.
This does however give me the option to hold off on investing in the High def movie war between Blueray and HD-DVD. I think we are a ways off from full 1080p digital distribution.

Deceased4452d ago

It would take a week to download a 1080p movie plus like 10gb of storage. 720p looks very good and is a smaller file size, so i think they made the right choice. I know sony said something about movies and tv show, but they haven't actually implemented into the PS3 from what I've seen in videos. Who knows, its not even out yet.

FadeToBlack4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

There is such a small percentage of people that own 1080p sets right now its really not a big deal at all. I am thinking sometime in the future when they release the bigger hard drive that they will give a 1080p option for the HD content. I personally own an 1080i HDTV and 720p upscaled to 1080i from the 360 looks totally awsome. Can't wait for this service to launch I will be downloading a few movies right away. I have even canceled my HD-DVD add on pre order based on this news because the library of movies is still very small. As i usually watch most movies once and it sits on my shelf $6 is alot better than $30 for me.

power of Green 4452d ago

Who in the hell has 1080p????????... Harddrives are too small at this point, if it takes off expect 100gig-ers plus huge games to put on it, or large games you can buy, part of it will be on disc and the rest you download.

big_tim4452d ago

I think this move is a little premature. The hi def dvd movement is the immediate future. Streaming speeds aren't high enough to do 1080p and of course the hard drives are too small. That is where the PS3 shines with the ability to put a larger hard drive in. I read recently that Sony has joined with other big name companies to establish a High def streaming standard. It won't be around for a few years, but with the option to increase hard drive sizes, the PS3 could fit in with the new protocol. Who knows if it will even take off.

As for downloading tv shows, I guess it is good for those who don't own a computer, but if you have a broad band connection you most likely have a computer. So I don't know how well that part will do.

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alilhappything4452d ago

I just don't find it necessary to have fun with games. I have one but I really don't care for it, its all about the games. And how will you be abled to download movies with the limited harddrive space?

power of Green 4452d ago

You have to find the first artical about it, so you can read it.

willymcd4452d ago

charging for robot chicken, thats low. you can watch those and most adult swim shows for free on

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