Microsoft has "no plans" for Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive

The statement comes amid persistent reports that Microsoft will release a Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360 given the discontinuation of the console's now defunct HD DVD drive.

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HighDefinition3871d ago

Cause things between them and their existing fanbase could get ugly quick, if they start trying to use it to make games with and a add-on would be a stupid idea for movie playback only.

Bladestar3871d ago

not really.... why would people get angry? That theory that people will get angry because of hardware revisions is bull... They happen all the time... Ipod comes with a new one every 6 months... the wii comes with light version, the PS3 new controller... etc...

why would I get angry if I got the xbox 360 3 years ago and now the revision comes with something else (that's not relevant to playing games)? ohh and wait... I am happier if the features does not exists instead?

Microsoft market the xbox 360 as a game console... that plays games... other features like HD DVD and blu-ray have never being marked as one with gaming my microsoft... so as long as all SKU are able to run the same games no one will get pissed... upgraded SKUs are part of life and alweays happens..

Now, it's not like microsoft is doing what Sony is doing... (Removing features like BC with new SKUs.. specific to gamming)

I find it interesting how it's not ok for microsoft to make new SKU that bring new features that other don't have (not related to gamming)... but it's ok for Sony to bring new SKU that remove features from existing ones...

Just because microsoft release a blu-ray SKU and I don't have it.. does not means I will be able to play blu-ray movies... weird mindset...

Porky Pig3871d ago

And then,we all know what happened.

And th-th-th-that's all folks!

sonarus3871d ago

Well if they want they can bring in blu ray but i think it will be better for everybody if they went with the add on instead

Kyur4ThePain3871d ago

You need to read before shooting your mouth off like that.

I'm not going to point out your mistake....HighDef wrote 2 lines. Go find it yourself. At least we'll have some peace and quiet for a week or so.

Apocalypse Shadow3871d ago

sony didn't remove anything that would hinder next gen gaming.

ps2 playback is nice.and i have it.but it's not necessary for you to play "PS3" games.that's what you fail at seeing.they didn't take out bluray.they didn't take out wifi.they didn't take ALL the usb ports out.

they shrunk it because people complained that ps3 was they had to reduce the cost.any smart person can see how it was necessary to keep up with microsoft and nintendo.

but with microsoft,they have had to redesign the system and lose the very thing they competed with on next gen movie calls the 360 an HD system,but has had to add things over and over to keep up with a built in, truely next gen system like ps3.

but they didn't make wifi standard in all systems.but call it an "ELITE."no HD movie playback,but call it an "ELITE."had to redesign and add hdmi because sony KNEW it was needed for next gen tvs.

look at it this way.and this statement is unbias......."what's wrong with microsoft making a little side money off of bluray besides downloads,xbl,and games?"

they need to add bluray even if sony whoop their @ss with it to kill hd-dvd.


Bladestar3871d ago

@MEGATON SHADOW - how old are you? is this the first console war you see? You remember the PS2? the network card... did it have it? how about hard drive? wait.. how about Sony PS3 without rumble? Sony brough it back... didn't they? It's a given Microsoft believed HD DVD was the best choice... and honestly by the look of the latest blu-ray sells I think they were right.. blu-ray is too expensive and HD DVD was cheaper for the consumer... now blu-ray is being kept alive by the PS3... Microsoft had no gain to made the xbox 360 $100-$200 more expensive and probably delayed it's launch by 1 year... for what? it's not a secret microsoft does not own movie studios nor have any gains on selling movies.. so why take a big lost? go b!tch to Nintendo for not adding a blu-ray drive to the wii... why would they?
Microsoft signed off for the gamming industry not for the movie industry... supported the HD DVD simply because it benefit them as far as the console war is concern... microsoft care and should only care about the games and digital distribution simply because that the only business that benefits them... the only benefit microsoft has towards blu-ray is to stay competitive... if some would buy an xbox 360 if it had a blu-ray player than they should... but they didn't promise the xbox 360 will do everything... as matter of fact they promised no 1080P and brough it... they promised little or no support for original xbox games and did better than they promissed... they didn't promised HDMI... and they were right about not needing HDMI... because all the top games PS3 or not... are not even running on 1080P let alone more 120FPS as sony promissed.

Microsoft promissed games and that's what we are getting... this generation (so far) the xbox 360 has the best games... period... not only when it comes to FPS but also RPGs and other genres... HD DVD? was an addon that no everyone got.. I purchased one and now use it on my PC and TV as a DVD scaller which happends to cost a lot less than standalone drives doing that.

Will I buy a new xbox 360 if microsoft release blu-ray? Hell no... nor I would be happy if microsoft would of force me to pay an extra $200 for a blu-ray player I wouldn't use... ask many PS3 owners if they are buying blu-ray movies... honest one will say, "Blu-ray movies are too expensive." so, you paid (because the PS3 will continue to go down in price) for a features that's useless (yeah a little huge game called GTA4 is only 7GB)... some say blu-ray (if ever) will not be mainstream for another 2-3 years... Just in time for the next xbox... don't forget this is already almost the 3rd xbox 360 year... and is still kicking.. that's more than 1/2 the average life span for all consoles... sucks if microsoft would of force me 3 years ago to buy an HD Drive when I purchased my xbox 360.. specially HD DVD and blu-ray woudl of won... 3rd year...

what microsoft should focus now is bringing more and more games, reduce cost of the xbox 360... @(*^@#$ blu-ray which will not be mainstream for another 2-3 years... anyone buying a 360 only care about the games... and will not pay $30+ for a movie just because it has a few more pixels... if HD movies would of be people's primary reason the PS3 wouldn't be the one keeping blu-ray on life support...

Microsoft took a big risk with HD DVD and will take the same risk with blu-ray? yeah, that's right blu-ray still not mainstream and may never will... and because of that microsoft should only bring blu-ray to attack the PS3 HD movie side of things...

Microsoft would have more succes with the xbox 360 if they drop the price by $100-$150 than to add blu-ray playack... focus microsoft.. not even PS3 owners are buying blu-ray movies.

potenquatro3870d ago

hi def,plankton or whatever u prefer.why comment on a posible 360 feature afecting 360 owners u don't care about? didn't u say once that the "SECOND" ms didn't put a blueray drive in the 360 "it was over for them". let them put blueray in xbox. why comment about something u yourself think is not next-gen,don't care about and think is inferior? it's not like ur going to like the 360 because they put blueray in. :)

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Drekken3871d ago

This is getting old. REALLY old.

Article - BREAKING!! Company X is releasing this.

Next Article - First article was a lie. Thanks for spending 5 wasted minutes reading and commenting, now please comment on your comments that shouldnt have been commented in the first place because the last story was fake.


BeaArthur3871d ago

haha, you do make a valid point. It's almost as if someone goes and finds and article and then the next person says "oh yeah, well take this".

Zeevious3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

I question what kind of integrity a news site has, if so many of the articles are one ridiculous headline (usually ending in a ?) followed by just enough nonsense to get people bickering...

'Will Sony add 360 Core model emulation to firmware 3.60 to trump Microsoft's new PS360 cross compatible console? (codenamed Mr. Bubble)'
...That's ok, without any research, references or actual news because they added a '?' at the end?

This site has more manufactured drama than a soap opera set against the gripping background of industrial strife at a soap factory.

Tune in next week...


P.s. Next headline: Sony's 3.60 360 firmware emulation uses only 1 spu! Sony engineers say 'Of course! How many would we need to just blink 3 lights'

(oh...I almost forgot) "? ? ? ? ? ?"

(I'm definitely going to 360 hell now...Surrounded by Atari 2600 Fanboys chanting about the clarity of 192i resolution & the unmatched gameplay focus of three...sometimes 4 sprites on the screen at once...SAVE ME!)

Pornlord3871d ago

I agree, I felt silly when I posted it, but that's how the news happened too, the one that said they would be getting one near christmas, was IMMEDIATELY followed by this one. It was funny in a way, but it is a direct response to all the other articles, so still valid.. ANYHOOO, this makes a little more sense to me. They were direct competitors in the market, you would think that sony would hold on to the tech as something that only they offer for a little while longer you know? Plus do you think gates would really get in bed with sony this deep?? haha

Real gamer 4 life3871d ago

It would be Suicide if they did such a thing. They just have to live with the fact that the ps3 is going to continue to outsell there machine. It seems that the consumers are getting smarter, because they see a better value in spending 50 more bucks for a blueray player and a game machine. Then just buying a blueray player alone which will cost about the same thing. So blueray will remain as a selling point for the ps3.

Kaz Hirai3871d ago

Nazisoft had "no plans" to be HUMILIATED by the PS2!
Nazisoft had "no plans" to EXCRETE such a POORLY-MADE product onto MY industry!
Nazisoft had "no plans" to create an online community filled with GUTTER-MOUTHED RATS a.k.a.- the FLOPbox fanbase!
Nazisoft had "no plans" to end up in a distant THIRD PLACE, far behind the Sony Side and Ninterrorist!

Sorry, SWINE- you're getting the Blu-Ray of Death whether you like it or not!

38 days until Judgment Days, Nazisoft!


Deadman643871d ago

typical fanboy sh!t. Get a Life.

Sir Ken Kutaragi3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Is that going to be your speech tomorrow at the 'PlayStation Day' event King Kaz!!! ;-D

InYourMom3871d ago

Agree Deadman but as they say "don't feed the trolls".

He's just mad because the PS3 is the one in distant third.

Zeevious3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

It's something about Xbox 360 emulation being added to the 3.60 PS3 update...and uses only ONE spu.

Seems impossible, but when asked if this was true Sony engineers said:
"Of course! How many would we need to just blink 3 lights?'

P.s. This is a joke...if you didn't get it, try a different religion that doesn't involve a game console.

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