SliceGaming's Xbox Live Spring Update Wish List

The latest update for Xbox Live came in late December of 2007 featuring Xbox Originals and brought Video Marketplace outside the US for the first time. The social aspect of Xbox Live was also expanded with the ability to view your friend's friends list, and the option to create a short biography for yourself for anyone to read. The Fall update brought a lot of new and exciting features, perhaps the most important was the global explosion of the use of Xbox Live's Video Marketplace.

But as good as this update was… Xbox Live is still far from perfect. The following is a list of essential and non-essential features SliceGaming hope Microsoft includes in the 2008 Spring update.

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Deadman643915d ago

I don't really feel as if the web browser is necessary at all.
I would however like to see:

-Clan Blade
-Weather on the dashboard/guide

OOG FunK3915d ago

id like to see the clan blade and the group chat...

Web browser isnt needed...its called use your computer....

BeaArthur3915d ago

Definitely group chat. More than anything else I want group chat. I would also like to be able to download themes for free but I doubt that will happen...ever.

Mighty Boom3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

BluRay support please :)

Sphinx3915d ago the ability to watch what a friend is playing. It would be pretty neat to have the ability to show GTAIV to a friend in order to convince them they need to get it... or to show someone how to find something. I don't know, just an idea.

OOG FunK3915d ago

wont happen your not gonna get in game spectating....

your lucky to get 360 games online that have that....its just not a practical thing for games on single player....and its not practical to be able to stream live to people without the game

toughNAME3915d ago

Like a dashboard fileshare? Where anyone on LIVE can view clips even though they don't have that game in their disc tray?

That's a cool idea...After Halo 3 I'm convinced EVERY game should have a replay feature. Your idea would put more work on Microsofts shoulders and less on the developers, very interesting.

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