Gamedaily: James Patterson: Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet Preview

Gamedaily writes: "Best-selling author James Patterson is something of a phenomenon. He writers romance novels, he writes mysteries, he gets those novels made into movies (Kiss the Girls) and he sells tens of millions of books a year in an age when almost everyone jumps on the Internet to get their read on. If anything, he's proven to be an unstoppable force in books, movies and TV, and he's not done, because this May, Paterson expands his reach into the video game arena with Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet, a "casual" game developed and published by I-play.

Based on the hit TV series, Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet is similar to all those CSI games in the sense that it is a point and click adventure that lets you solve murder mysteries. Set in San Francisco, the game features nine investigations that take place across 18 varied locations, such as the Police Headquarters, Forensics Lab and Deadlines Coffee Shop. You play as three of the four members of the club: Lindsay, Claire and Cindy, with each character having an ability that helps solve the case. Cindy, the journalist, reports on the findings, while Lindsay, the forensic scientist, can analyze data in the lab. Meanwhile, Claire (the medical examiner) can take fingerprints and what not. This makes exploring a crime scene as each of the women tantamount to solving the mystery."

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