Gamedaily: SingStar Preview

Gamedaily writes: "Although Rock Band is sweet, SingStar is our number one choice for video game karaoke. Over the years, Sony's done a masterful job delivering a very enjoyable singing experience bolstered by excellent technology and most importantly, killer song lists. Now the fun arrives on PlayStation 3 May 20, and we can't wait to grab our microphones and carry a tune.

SingStar PS3 has two great things going for it, starting with its impressive soundtrack. You get 30 songs on the disc, a lineup that includes Amy Winehouse (Back to Black), David Bowie (Let's Dance), The Ramones (I Wanna Be Sedated), U2 (Beautiful Day) and Weezer (Buddy Holly), among others. That alone is pretty sweet, but what's even more impressive is the SingStore, an online store that lets you purchase new songs, each of which cost $1.49. And we're not talking about three songs a week. Sony hopes to roll out 25-50 songs every month. This allows you to create your ultimate song list, but Sony takes it a step further with remote play. Using your PSP, you can trigger downloads from the SingStore and have your list read to go before the party starts."

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titntin3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

We've had this in the UK for some time now.
My wife got it for Christmas.

Much to my shame, I've had many a night of drunken warbling with this title and can report its a lot more fun than it has any right to be - I hate karaoke! :)

The on line store is also excellent, as are the other community features and things like the camera integration.

If your 'significant other' is insisting that this title makes an appearance in your house, don't despair! Have a few more drinks and you'll start to see the fun it can bring. Just don't tell your mates you liked it...

Harry1903871d ago

ladies and gentlemen.The wait is finally over.