The Witcher to Consoles, Enhanced Edition in Aug/Sept.

Witcher: Enhanced Edition - a fine-tuned version of the game with new content, which was originally slated to arrive this month. Now, word has reached us that TW: Enhanced Edition is going to arrive either during August or in September 2008.

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BilI Gates3819d ago

Already have it for PC. Great game.

Ashta3819d ago

I hope a PS3 version of The Witcher comes out. My PC processor isn't fast enough to play the game on a setting that doesn't make the game look or run like complete crap. Not to mention having an older Pc that doesn't allow me to upgrade the Processor to a dual core (motherboard and chipset is too old, no support for it) I'm stuck with a bottlenecked system and the game doesnt run too well.

2.8ghz P4 = not so fast processing speed for Witcher. Great RAM and Graphics card, but that damned processor is killing me.

No console was stated but I really hope a Ps3 version hits.

v1c1ous3819d ago

pc gaming is cheaper than console gaming!

m i rite!?

games4fun3819d ago

i'll be happy, the witcher is a good game and i would like to play an rpg that is not an oblivian/oblivian clone its just getting too boring to play those sometimes, we get wrpgs whoohoo but i'd like to play something a little unique. I think the witcher had a unique skill tree or whatever and was fun so ill bite

PikkonX3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

I was holding off on getting too deep in the game because I heard about the enhanced edition right after I bought the regular one. With a delay to September though, I think I'll pass up the newer edition and just stick with the one I have.

mariusmal3818d ago

i was waiting for the enhanced version. with the delay im gonna buy the regular one. i read on their forums that ppk with the old version could update it via patch to enhanced version when it comes out.

PikkonX3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

That would be great. Now I just gotta find time to play it with GTA4, Persona 3, and MGS4 in the way... I'm guessing July will be when I start.

SL1M DADDY3819d ago

Well, I can hope it will be good but as history has shown us, not too many devs poor the correct number of resources into doing so and we end up with a poor quality port. If they can keep it running smooth and looking good then maybe I'll plunk down some cash.

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The story is too old to be commented.