"40 million UTIII pirates" story is false, says Rein

Speaking to videogaming247, Epic boss Mark Rein has confirmed that a story claiming 40 million pirated keys had attempted access to the PC UTIII servers is incorrect.

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SL1M DADDY4531d ago

Who writes a story written around a fictitious number that was pulled out of their butts and thinks for two seconds that the VP of the company wouldn't come forward and correct them? Just another article that makes me chuckle.

Ashta4531d ago

I would also love to know who on this site saw the original story that claimed the 40 million number and thought that it was actually real.

JsonHenry4531d ago

The game would have to be good for 40 million pirated copies to be on the loose. But it sucks. So I doubt it. And if 40 million did pirate it then we have 40 million people who thanked their lucky stars they did not pay for that recycled piece of crap.

MrBii4531d ago

There arent even 40Million GAMING PCs out there WORLDWIDE.

So you gotta be an idiot if you thought it was a real story.

fermcr4531d ago

There aren't 40 million gaming PC's out there ?...

Are you kidding...
Of course there are match more then 40 Million gaming PC's out there.

You must be confusing it with some console...

MrBii4531d ago

The total amount of PCs around the world are in the several hundreds of millions.

And ONLY a very small percentage are actually used as GAMING devices.

Offices and business used the most amount of computers. They dont run counterstrike on those comps, little boy.

That computer of yours in your home runs counterstrike (or SIMS whatever suits you). Thats only a very small fraction of the total amount of PCs used worldwide.

fermcr4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

@MrBii: Is that so... then i guess the millions of graphics cards Nvidia and Ati sell every year don't count.

So stupid and ignorant boy, why don't you just go inform your self how many 8800GT (don't count the other cards...just this one) cards have nvidia sold since it's launch.

Go play a 600p game in your console, since 95% of console games are that resolution.

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TheSadTruth4531d ago

It is a real story.. he meant to say 40 million attempts from non-unique ips (which is definitely a reasonable number if everytime someone with a cracked copy loads up UT3 it tires to get online automatically) but ended up misspeaking and saying something ridiculously dumb

Lumbo4531d ago

The magic of the internet ... post anything, facts not needed.