Jack Thompson encourages New Zealand Politicians

Jack Thompson, that eternal thorn in every gamer's side has been busy once again. It would seem that his harassment is not confined to US soil. Oh no, he has been using the power of the Internet to raise up an zombie army that reaches even the fair shores of New Zealand. Local gamers have been outraged to hear that a local Politician by the name of Gordon Copeland has at work to ban Grand Theft Auto IV because "It is time to reverse the tide of violence in New Zealand". When Geekpulp sought to find the reasoning behind his misguided crusade, they discovered that Jack Thompson was once again involved and they have a personal email from JT to Gordon Copeland.

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wolfehound223871d ago

What a joke this guy is. I just don't understand why he doesn't focus on more important issues.

kornbeaner3871d ago

He just likes to hear himself speak. Its not often when you can think of yourself as a genius and have somebody agree with you (Even if all hes doing in agreeing with himself).

The funny thing is one of my co-workers came up with a theory, what if this guy is on R* stars payroll?????

Viral marketing at its best.

FCOLitsjustagame3871d ago

Wouldnt having him agree with you weaken your arguement? Kind of like "he agrees with me? Well, let me think about this I may be on the wrong track".

SparkyNZ3871d ago

JT's such a joke, and the fact that some random nobody NZ politician refers to JT's corespondence as his argument, shows he's just as ignorant.
What concerns me is similarly ignorant people will believe everything they say.
How do idiots like this get into posistions of influence? Crazy

kornbeaner3871d ago

Propaganda and Fear, They say things enough to the point they start believing in what they are saying, and start spreading the word.

Next thing you know 1 person believes, that turns to 2 and 4 and so on and so on.

This guy prays on the insecurities of society and instead of people doing their own research to coming up with their own conclusions, they take his word as gospel make him some sort of god. People need to stop relying on other people and come up with their perspectives on the worlds problems, cause then all you get is people like JT and the dumb f*cks that follow. Hilliary Clinton I'm looking at you.

Raven62103871d ago

i hope (crosses fingers)