Playstation 9 Commercial

The PS3 might have Blu Ray and the Cell , but if you want the ultimate next gen experience you will have to wait until 2078, because that is the year when Sony plan to launch the PS9.

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ImTheNumber124457d ago

This commercial is one of the best commercials ever made. Why couldn't they have done ones like this one for the ps3

Raist4457d ago

This commercial is as old as the internet :|

Sphinx4457d ago

...unfortunatley, the PS9 will just be another attempt for Sony to try to dominate the next movie format. :)

potato4457d ago

i wonder if there gonna be a ps4

tom15954456d ago

i actually think thats a really good question. even if they dont crash and burn this time and end up doing ok, maybe they (sony) will just consider it too risky. its sooo expensive now. guess we'll just have to wait and see

daboosa4456d ago

there is plans a Ps4 they are workin on from mid 07

Mighty Boom4456d ago

PS3 blows dirty man stick.

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The story is too old to be commented.