Top 5 Worst Video Game Related Websites writes: "Video game websites are a dime a dozen like most theme focused sites (e.g. music websites). Everywhere you go, you can find an opinion on video games with equal amount of bitterness and approbation. Some of these web sites though, are clearly in the opinion market for other reasons. Some have saw the success of other forms and blatantly copied these originals. Some have even designed multiple websites with contradicting opinions in order to start fake console wars. Some of the most shameful acts from video game related websites have come from those sites who have cowered to public opinion and advertising money by only giving positive reviews to certain video games. One can see with their own eyes how a review went from a 5.0 to a 9.0 after one week, and how after that week, there was an advertisement for the game next to the new rating. While we certainly don't want to sound sanctimonious with our video game website ethics, we do realize that there are limits. For one, once a video game has been rated and reviewed, its over and done, even if we disagree with it later. That's the beauty of writing in the present; we can look back and see how much we agreed or disagreed with our opinions from the past. This hope for a more pure writing and reviewing style has been guided by all these next websites who copy, change, and cower to other outside forces. The lack of any substantial writing from these websites is a signifier to their other motivations."

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sonarus3913d ago is worse than sony defense force in my opinion. I mean at least defense force is out and open with their bias so you know not to take them seriously.

kosha3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Their reviews i can usually trust and they said you have to be a member or you might aswell never go to the website. Well you have to go to the website to become a member Mr idiot.

Its nice to see N4G are not on that list though.

Amanosenpai3913d ago

They forgot N4G...


littletad3913d ago

When it's purely user generated. It all depends on whose submitting news and what.

RecSpec3913d ago

The fact that it IS user generated would be the number one reason it would make this list though.

It's a double edged sword.

Le-mo3913d ago

Top Worst Video Game Related Website to make a Top 5 Worst Video Game Related Websites: Old-Wizard dot com

resistance1003913d ago

Calling IGN the worst gaming site ever, is very very bold. IGN are one of the best for me, they have decent reviews and content

BeaArthur3913d ago

I like IGN, it's the only other website I really go to other than this one. Someone needs to change their tampon over at Old Wizard.

Homicide3913d ago

IGN is possibly the best online review site. Their reviews are very detailed and well written. Just look at the GTA IV review. 7 pages and clearly states why the game deserved that score.

iceice1233913d ago

Is crap, I also can't stand Games Radar.

BeaArthur3913d ago

I definitely agree with you about Loot-Ninja. Although I don't even know if I would categorize that as a legit site.

Kraken3913d ago

GamesRadar got the most interesting articles of any game website.
My favorite sites, though, are N4G and SDF.
Gamespot is the worst site ever, imo.

switch-it3913d ago

Agree. Truly a great site, but i rarly visit the site for some reason. :S

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The story is too old to be commented.