XBox 360 overhaul come August adds more details to the rumor.

BD player, new graphics chip

ACCORDING TO KNOW-IT-ALL EDN newspaper in China, Pegatron Technology (bastard offspring of Asustek, in case you're wondering), has managed to grab the highly-denied "Blu-Ray for Xbox360" deal of the year.

This goes head-on with Dean Takahashi's info on the Xbox 360 "Jasper" platform that is scheduled for August of this year. The Inquirer already mentioned this platform in a previous article. The Jasper will feature a shrunken 65nm ATI graphics core and "smaller memory chips". This does make more sense if you're using the new GPU core to aid you in decoding HD on Blu-ray, too.

So that's about it, major Xbox 360 platform overhaul coming this summer, with some time to spare for Christmas - Blu-ray, faster graphics and what is likely to be an all-round cooler console – and the thing is assembled by Pegatron Technology.

This Xbox 360 "Ultra" (our word, not the Vole's) should be able to do a bit more than trail the PS3. Should make for an interesting holiday season this year.

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callahan093871d ago

Absolutely awful idea. Please don't alienate your fanbase by releasing an "improved console" that makes the old ones mostly obsolete. I don't want to see games coming out that say "360" on the box but won't play in my current Xbox 360. If this happens, you can bet your ass I'll be boycotting your newer model.

On the other hand, if it doesn't work like that and if all it does is end up using the faster graphics chip to make existing games run smoother... OK, fine, that's cool. But don't go making games that are only compatible with the new model!

Honestly, I just hope this isn't true at all.

Real Gambler3871d ago

Think about it, people claim that the BluRay is too slow, and DVD was a better choice. So, only way to use a BluRay for game, is to use hard drive install, which sadly, is not available on all 360s... So if true, putting a BluRay into a 360 would mean that games that had been developed for the DVD would lag big time, and some of them are already bordeline as is...

So, if a bluray show up for the 360, it will be an external one, like the HD-DVD used to be. So don't worry, it will not be used for games.

MikeMichaels3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

"On the other hand, if it doesn't work like that and if all it does is end up using the faster graphics chip to make existing games run smoother... OK, fine, that's cool."

Lets just nip that one in the bud right away.

They're not going to upgrade the Graphics chip in any way other than making it smaller/cooler. There will be no performance increase across models. Sorry.

Edit: Oh and folks, this is the inquirer. A total POS web site.

DJ3871d ago

So no, 360 games would lag exactly the same amount as before. But a lot of game lag comes from the lack of a hard drive, not the optical drive speed.

kevoncox3871d ago

Why can't people understand that you can have a single drive that plays Blu-ray movies but only plas dvd games. You don't need two drives to do that.

Fallen_Angel3870d ago

MS has repeatedly said they will not make a blu ray drive. SO its easy to tell that this is BS just like the one the rumor about a 360 with builted in HD dvd player.

Leathersoup3870d ago

Actually the PS3 has a slightly slower DVD speed than the 360. It is not 12x, only 8x. One of the reasons that the Xbox sounds like a hovercraft is because of the speed of it's DVD drive.

Saint Sony3870d ago

We all know that PS3 blu-ray is the slowest in the market, but it does not mean the same one will be the one that comes with 360, if ever.

If MS will indeed do this, I'm pretty sure there will be standalone USB blu-ray for 360 later on. If not they're mad.

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whoelse3871d ago

They would have to cut the price of the 360s to make the Xbox good value for money compared to the PS3.

Meus Renaissance3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

There is no way in heck a Blu-Ray 360 would use that disc space to allow developers to create games specifically, this would cause a mass division of conflict between what the fans want and what developers may want for Microsoft. If Microsoft keep their promise and stay true to not screwing their install base, the 360 will remain to use DVD only discs for games, meaning developers will have to continue improving their compression techniques and make sacrifices in order to keep making games for the platform.

Microsoft however clearly recognise a massive aspect of the PS3's resurgence in sales has been the Blu-Ray factor, and they've gone on the record stating this, so its no surprise to anyone that they want to atleast get on the par in that aspect. This is an attempt to draw those particular customers to the 360, to increase the install base.

However this won't really impact Sony as much (heck they'll get royalties off Microsoft for this anyway), but whats interesting is how Microsoft will price this SKU as well as the other SKU's. The 360 Ultimate cannot cost more than $400, what will that mean for the Elite/Premium? $250? What about when Sony drop the price to $299 this Christmas?

So many factors in regards to this price issue, I'm really confused as how Microsoft will offer value with this to compete with the "other" Blu-Ray player. It will spark a price war, but whatever they price this new model as, the Elites and Premiums will have to get an even bigger price cut - would Microsoft offer a $299 Elite 360? Tough decisions to be made.

Drekken3871d ago

Very good points. Sounds to me like MS is backed into a corner with their hardware decisions. They wanted to rush out the gate, which had its advantages... but it is a shame 2 years into the consoles lifespan the disadvantages are outweighing the head start.

If this "ultra" does come to life, all Sony has to do is drop the PS3 to $299 and its all in vein.

LaChance3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Blu ray is COMPLETELY unecessary in the 360 ?

It wont be used for games , so whats the use.

Even HD film sales show that almost nobody cares about Blu ray films ( take away the geeks , hardcore cinephiles and ps3 fanboys and there is ABSOLUTELY nobody who cares for a Bluray film.) In a couple of months the price of bluray players will go down and people are going to prefer getting a stand alone player ( just like what happened with the PS2 for DVD ) so I dont know why the absolutely want Bluray for the 360.

At least it will give people the option and probably attract some new customers.

If this whole story is true I really dont see what the ps3 will having going for it ( people didnt rush to buy a ps3 for GTA4 so I dont think they'll be doing it for Haze , Heavy Rain or Infamous ) this xmas. They might continue to outsell the 360 but by even a smaller margin.

I really dont see why Sony would let MSFT have Bluray.
Maybe it doesnt belong to them exclusively anymore since the end of the format war ? How does all hat stuff work ?

Kleptic3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

didn't 'rush' to buy a PS3 for GTAIV?...what planet are you on?...major retailers noted PS3's moving at over twice the rate of the 360 for the GTAIV launch both Europe and the US at times...

but yeah...agreed...BD for the 360 is just MS getting format confused again (they tend to do that)...MS desperately wants the 360 to be a multimedia hub, which Sony has done extremely well with the PS3 (although 'gamers' make the claim of the PS3 only being a movie player)...but given the 360's very ghetto'ish quality, its not a very likely device for educated people to purchase for their expensive home theater...

the people that buy home theater equipment are almost always worried about build quality...the elegance of the equipment (does it look with their other components, is it quiet, etc.)...and UI's...there is a VERY clear winner in this regard between the consoles...

Save the money on the BD stuff, drop the price of the 360...its the only hope it has now...

Marcello3871d ago

Here we have a Xbox360 hardware issue, a freakin overhaul no less & your bashing the PS3 ??? The Xbox360 hardware is becoming a real nightmare for M$ & its customers, it seems M$ have by rushing the console put themsleves in a position where they are now damned if they do and damned if they dont situation.

The 360 may have the games and online atm but the hardware problems are just diabolical & now this, which we have heard before btw falcon chip anybody ???

If you look at the horizon you will see PS3 has the games coming & online althou it is taking its sweet time but it is free after all & the PS3 has no hardware issues plus if you can add properly it IS cheaper (WIFI, bigger HDD, QUALITY !!! etc etc)

All this talk of overhauls and more hardware needed is just another nail in the 360 coffin.

wass0073870d ago

@La Chance Hav ya noticed not a single persons agreed with you so far, means that everything you said is totally crap XD

juuken3870d ago

make no logical sense whatsoever.

captainjy3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Wait for the NPD numbers and you will see that your "twice" the consoles than the 360 is rubbage. The only way MS can avoid Blu-Ray is if Netflix hits Live and it's streaming. If not, MS will put BD into the 360, add-on or internal.

Marlec, just stop posting. If the RROD was that bad, the 360 wouldn't continue outselling the POS3 and the attach rate wouldn't be blowing away both the Wii and the POS3. Until that stops and until the monthly sales drop well below the POS3 stop posting this garbage. Imagine if there were no RROD- that thing that you call a gaming console wouldn't be in business.

Kleptic3870d ago

^^^dude...seriously...its not outselling the PS3...that was the whole point of the argument...selling 5k more in just the US, for 1 month of 2008, yet being outsold by a significant margin everywhere else...equals...being outsold...just because the March NPD numbers showed the 360 up by 5k in the US only, doesn't mean it outsold the PS3...

why is that so hard to understand?...

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wolfehound223871d ago

This would be a huge mistake. Talk about alienating your existing fan base. They might as well suck it up wait another 2-3 years and release a new console.