Geekpulp: WipEout HD Preview

Geekpulp writes: " The first Playstation game that I played was wipEout, in my memory it is synonymous with the PSX as Halo:CE is with the Xbox. When I saw the Pod Racers in Starwars: The Phantom Menace my mind automatically returned to these anti gravity racing craft, young Anikin didn't want to be a pod-racer he wanted to play wipEout in real life.

The first thing that struck me about wipEout HD was the immediate familiarity, having not played a wipEout title in years I was automatically comfortable with the layout. The symbols and team names revived memories of the glorious first time I took to the future tracks and raced to 4th place. But when I started the game something was wrong, very very wrong."

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hardcorehippiez3820d ago

so to say im anticipating this game is an understatement

games4fun3820d ago

arcade racers are alot of fun sometimes when i want to relax and not care how perfect my turning was with the handbrake

Kleptic3820d ago

My PS1 came with a demo disc that had one track of Wipeout on it...and, despite the unbelievably awesome graphics at the time, I didn't really care for it...

it was Wipeout XL that sold me on the franchise...which was faster, looked even better, but more importantly...had far better track design, weapons, and control imo...

Wipeout HD will be a day 1 download for me...Now if Incognito does a remake of Jet Moto, I am all set on the old school racers of 12 years ago...

M0rt3n3820d ago

... but mostly because it also will be online multiplayer

thor3820d ago


We truly are going back to the days of the PS1 era, where you could only play with 1 person per console, and needed 2 tvs, 2 consoles, cables, to play multiplayer...