Grand Theft Auto IV Review -

Gameplayer reviews the undercurrent of GTA IV's narrative and the message it attempts to deliver about the USA.

"Niko, however, is an outsider. He comes to Liberty City believing the dream, that he has left the corruption, savagery and rustic lifestyle of his homeland for a world of big tits, fancy cars and mansions for all. What he finds is a land equally as crooked, dirty and messed up as the one he left and his distaste for what he sees isn't held back."

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HighDefinition4560d ago

R* just have a AMAZING sense of humor. Seriously saying it`s anti-usa makes the jokes in the game, more hilarious. The cartoon w/ the Aliens is amazing, as well as any episode of, I`m Rich!

Meus Renaissance4560d ago (Edited 4560d ago )

The entire world is Anti-USA man. Some of the mayhem people cause in Liberty City is out of rage and pure hatred.

I kid you not! I actually do kid!

vloeistof4560d ago

lol in a chat bewteen niko and roman.

niko was like bashing librty totaly lol

Surfman4560d ago

lol yeah, like "everything is fake, even women's tits"

wolfehound224560d ago

Rockstar just has a great sense of humor. Un like a lot of people that probably would take this game as bashing america.

prunchess4560d ago

Just anti the crooks that are running the USA.

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The story is too old to be commented.