PS3's Cell three times more powerful as the Xbox 360 processor?

This summer Sony created a training website for Canadian Wal Mart employees. After logging in, Sony marketing spin quotes can be found while employees read, learn & test their PS3 knowledge. Here's the real gem:

"Welcome to your PS3 Retail Online Training. We trust that you will find the following information valuable and assist you in understanding and explaining PS3 Technology to your customers and staff. … The Cell Processor is essentially as powerful as 3 Xbox 360 CPU's or 35 PlayStation® 2 CPU's"

On the opposite side stands Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack who says "To developers, they look even."

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kingboy4457d ago

Nice one mate.we can fire each other tonight lol!let the party begin

uuuunvnv24457d ago

the head line is PS3’s Cell three times more powerful as the Xbox 360 processor?
but the 360 has 3 processor's. which is why its a wash............

marionz4457d ago

how could this trash actually pass as news??? supa learn to post actual news next time not rubbish from sonys gutter

Shin_Akakage4456d ago

Back when the PS3 propaganda machine first started this exact same story about ps3 being 3xtimes power of x360 and 35 times that of ps2. So someone adds the Silicon Knights comments to it...and now its a new news story? Too many developers have shot this down for it even to be considered news anymore. While PS3 does have more raw processing power, this 3x the power of x360 cpu is just flat out ridiculous. The difference between the two consoles is not as significant as the difference between xbox and ps2. All this article is going to do(has already done it) is cause a fanboy flame war. 3x the power...yeah right! Then why don't games look 3x as good?

dantesparda4456d ago

Cores! dude! cores! it has 3 cores, on one processor.

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shotty4457d ago

Yeah and I want to see how long that last befor microsoft sues sony.

Donkey Slayer4457d ago

It's been such an entertaining month :)

rj814457d ago

the console wars never cease to entertain!

Scythesean4457d ago

So what is the problem here? This is old news we already knew the Cell was more powerful.

DEIx15x84457d ago

If you do the Sony math this article says that the 360 is more powerful then the cell. Sony uses the statement that the cell is 10 times more powerful than the PS2. By that logic:
10 PS2 = 1 PS3
30 PS2 = 3 PS3
35 PS2 = 3 360
11.66666666667 PS2 = 1 360
So there you have it by Sony's own reports the 360 is 1.6+ PS2s more powerful than the PS3. HAH!!
Sony should really think about getting on the same level when it comes to information. There company is as disconnected as there online plan.

Joe Schmoe4456d ago

Go to playbeyonds site and click the first link and just listen he says that the cell broadband engine is 40 times faster than the PS2 not 10. You fanboys are retarded. If you would talk to anyone with a computer back ground ask them what the future of computing processors is. It will come back a unanomous decision of the cell.

dantesparda4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

What kind of retarded math is that? And the Xenon other than the fact that its a triple core, has a rather usual Power series design, except its in-order which makes it far inferior to their standard Power series processors which are OoOE (out-of-order-execution). But so isnt the Cell. The only thing that i can see that save these processors from the fact that they are in-order processors is the fact that most of the code will be predictable, as opposed to the unpredictability of what a person is going to do on a PC processor.