The 10 types of people on Xbox Live

OpinionDebug writes:

There are many different types of people on Xbox Live, some nice and some not so nice. However, despite the millions of people on Xbox Live, many of them fit into several stereotypes:

1. Heavy breather
2. The guy with no mic
3. The 'is anybody there?' guy
4. Abusive
5. Broken Mic
6. Tactician
7. Mean adult
8. Weirdo
9. The singer
10. The foreigner

So there they are. Now lets look at each one in a bit more detail. (If you don't want to read this, then there's a video at the bottom. Yay!)

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Kaz Hirai3822d ago

At least my Sony Soldiers know how to behave:

Sir Ken Kutaragi, Phil Harrison MKIII, Varsarus, DarkSniper, IamPS3, MrPS3, alexM and bootsielon are far more civilised than you BLASTED SWINE! You could learn from them!

Continue to set a good example, my Sony Soldiers!

38 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


HeavyweightInTheGame3822d ago

this is mostly due to the fact that most people on XBL have mics. And most people on PSN do not. I'm sure it would be pretty similar if more people had mics. I bought Warhawk which came with a mic and no one online uses one.

KBDuB3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

So.. you know how to behave on PSn, why can't you behave on this site? -.-

Sir Ken Kutaragi3822d ago

WOW!!! There you go!!! ;-D
You said 'Because He's a bi­tch?'
Need i say more????????????????
+You xBot Lemmings keep saying 'Gay this, Gay that'???
I really don't want you lot on PSN thanks!!!

King Kaz they don't know how to behave!!! ;-D
+King Kaz PLEASE Destroy them tomorrow!!! ;-P

+I'm not the one who P.M's a person and swears at them(like the sad xBot Lemming 'Ben Hates You' and 'Kill-Phill-Kaz-Sniper')
GROW-UP!!! ;-D

wass0073822d ago

@Icewake Sir Ken pawned ur ass!!! whos the biatch now?? XD

Stubacca3822d ago

1. The dedicated fanboy
2. The cheapskate
3. The retarded
4. The racist
5. The kid whose parents bought him a 360
6. Technological novices
7. The lonely, single male
8. The guy who loves to spend money on useless junk
9. The guy who believes everything he reads
10. Power of Green (mixture of previous 9)


the 10 types of people on the PSN.

1. wait there is no one on the PSN
2. the people who dont have mic (%95 of all the people on it) to get a chance to trash talk
3.wait there is no one on the PSN
4. the qu33r's who play nothing but JRPG's with homosexual spikey haired protagonists
5.wait there is no one on the PSN
6. the angry gamer who bought a PS3 at launch has waited til now for something to play and is still waiting.
7.the guy who believes everything SONY says and see's his game console as a member of his family and will do anything to defend it.
8. the 40 year old virgin
9. the guy who wishes he had XBOX LIVE
10. oh WAIT(SONYs favorite word)there is no one on the PSN..damn! i'll just watch some more disney movies on this thing..i wish i had so games to play

InYourMom3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )


There are no 10 types of PSN user just one

THE HYPOCRITE! And you are staring at him right at #1.

Calling everyone swine and nazi's and other offensive things all the while telling them how mature he is.

BLUR1113821d ago Show
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iceice1233822d ago

Guy who doesn't realize we can hear his fan...

KBDuB3822d ago

Half those are funny.. But, I can't stand the breather.. ugh. The singer gets annoying if they just.. well, can't sing.

But, one thing that is annoying are these posts.. These happen on EVERY system/PC that has a mic.

LeonSKennedy4Life3821d ago

Most 11 year-olds aren't playing Counter Strike.

BeaArthur3822d ago

How about the 11 year old that won't shut up and thinks cursing is cool.

Nevers3822d ago

I don't know how he does it but I swear to god that little kid's in every freakin' lobby on XBLA. And then, don't ya just hate it when he hands the controller over to his younger brother with the even higher pitched whine?

Rourker3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

they forgot

11. The annoying little 9 year old playing call of duty yelling at you to come and crouch by a wall so he can jump on you to get to the roof.

by the way I'm under guy with no mic, but I'm on PSN not Xbox Live :P

edit: @BeaArthur, you beat me to it, and I should have said 11, makes it more believable. bubbles

BeaArthur3822d ago

The important thing is that we are identifying the problem, haha. They also forgot the guy who thinks everyone is cheating when they die. Or my favorite, the guy who lags so badly that he can't be killed.

Rourker3822d ago

ha, its sad because I'm sometimes the guy who lags so bad he can't be killed. it sucks living out in the boons, I have bandwidth restrictions, can only go max 40 - 50 kbs/s which is fine, unless someone else decides to go online that is :P then I start to lag bad. but when that happens I end up just quitting as to not ruin the game for everyone else.

PS to everyone I've played against when this happens . . . your welcome, ha.

BeaArthur3822d ago

Rourker...ahah, you must have a great feedback rating.

Rourker3822d ago

Feedback Rating, I'm not entirely sure I know what you mean by that, but I'll take it as a complement. so I guess this is when I say Thank you? :P

BeaArthur3822d ago do realize that you can give positive or negative feedback to every person you play with don't you?

Rourker3822d ago

on XBox Live maybe, but I'm pretty sure you can't give it on PSN, at least not that I know of, and I don't have a 360, sorry but as a college student I can't afford 2 systems right now, my second systems an SNES.

BeaArthur3822d ago

Rourker...gotcha, I was under the impression that you had an xbox. That is one of the things that I hate about the PSN, you can't give any feedback to people so I keep ending up in different rooms with people I don't ever want to see again.

Rourker3822d ago

yeah, sorry about the confusion, and I also hate getting into rooms with people you hate playing with, but I guess their are some prices you pay for not paying a price. anywho, this concludes my bubbles so nice chating with you BeaArthur. catch you on the flip side (I hate that saying by the way)

LeonSKennedy4Life3821d ago

You can on Resistance...

I prefer to use Steam for actual after-game communications...

However, I prefer to play on the PSN because most PS3 games are virtually LAG-free.

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