Valve: "We're not PS3 developers"

Valve's main marketer Doug Lombardi was on hand recently to show off the latest version of the awesome looking PC, 360 zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead. But PS3 is being left out of the loop.

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Cwalat3913d ago

reading article....

my comment: "no shiet?"

marinelife93913d ago

That's fine then I don't buy Valve anymore. Any Valve game I purchase will be used or off of Ebay.

dan-boy3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

or twisted to fit the sony fanboys logic. if valve are being honest, and think that they can make greater games by concentrating on a particular system, then who the fvck are you lot to start calling them out??

only last week, (apparently) the team making ghostbusters claimed they could've done more had they been ps3 exclusive. i didn't hear all the sony fanboys slagging them off! all they did was do what they do best and start chucking mud at the 360.

so the way it goes on here nowadays is this. if a developer says they can achieve more by concentrating on the ps3: they are brilliant, and the 360 sucks and means gimped games... but

if another developer claims they can achieve more by concentrating on the 360, they're crap, and their games are not good anyway. or as someone else said below valve=epic

it just shows what the fanboys who dwell on here think.

a developer concentrating on the ps3=brilliant

a developer concentrating on the 360=bad

grow up saddos!

a quick edit: i wonder if you lot would've said the same thing if valve had come out and said that half-life3 was gonna be ps3 exclusive????

aiphanes3913d ago

But they came out and said they do not have the balls to develop on the PS3...then more power to them...they will eventually develop on the PS3 in 2009...they will have to...once popularity of the PS3 surpasses the Wii and Xbox 360...we all know it will...its on the same track as the PS2..

dan-boy3913d ago

in europe only! in japan and NA it's nowhere near what the ps2 was doing at the same time.

and it aint gonna be til late 2009 at this rate until it surpasses the 360. and give then attach rate of the 360, developers know they can make money out of it with decent i said, imagine how many half-life3 would sell?

Qbanboi3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

@ Dan-boy.

Dude, WTF?? Of course that we have to complain. If a developer says that they don't want to make games on the Ps3 we get angry, and you will see more people complaining because there are more Ps3 fan here. So get used to it, damn it. I hate that every freaking post i see from you, is crying because there are more Ps3 fans and that make you sad.

I bet that if Insomnia says, 360 sucks balls, and they will never make a game on it. You will be the first posting "Guest what Insomnia i don't care, you suck, M$ rulez". So, man get use you it. Majority wins

dan-boy3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

before we start, who are insomnia anyway?? if your talking about insomniac, i dont think their games suck balls at-all. and i'm looking forward to 60player on-line in resistance. and jak and daxter were pretty decent platformers also. so be quiet fanboy.

and well done for making yourself look stupid "Of course that we have to complain. If a developer says that they don't want to make games on the Ps3 we get angry"

so that makes it ok to say that valve are crap? because they are ignoring your precious(think of smeegle from the lord of the rings). does it? because valve are pretty decent developers.

bottom line, you fanboys are pathetic, as i said above. if a developer is ps3 exclusive they are brilliant. if they 360 exclusive they are bad. some people need to grow up.

and before i go. your rite i do complain about the amount of sony fanboys on here. because you all post crap, and cling to rrod. plus, you all slag off 360 games when there's no need. fvck, half of you lot haven't even played a 360.

stop talking sh!t, and i'll stop digging you out.

HighDefinition3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

I loved PORTAL!

But, I`ve never really cared for Valve, their talented, Half-life was cool but I got bored very quickly playing all of them.

RFOM2 for instance, interests me WAY more than any Half-Life game or the Orange Box, for that matter.

w/ that said Left 4 Dead is more of my type of game, and the ONLY 360 game I care about at all anymore.

v1c1ous3913d ago

there are TONS more sony console exclusive big name companies, without even counting japan.

you can count on one hand game companies that are not owned by microsoft and make games only on 360. most of all 360 titles come from multiplatform companies.

PS3 owners were thumping their chests last week when ghostbusters said "they would rather work on ps3 for best possible outcome", well. here's one company with a legitimate reason (understaffed), that would rather work on 360 for the best possible outcome. its one company guys.

for every 360 exclusive company, you got like 10 japanese ones that only do sony consoles.

stop being hypocrits.

fenderputty3913d ago

is that valve has already stated they had problems working with the PS3 before. Going this route makes them look incapable and lazy. Its not a bad decision on their part though. They will still sell games and be able to make better ones without the PS3.

Personally ... I don't really care too much. There's plenty coming out this year to keep me happy.

harv7113913d ago

While I agree with most of what your saying, were you on this site last year? It was the bash the PS3 site, where 360 fanboys bashed the PS3 constantly. So I ask you have you forgotten all of that?

Personally I like honesty from developers, even if it's not what I wanted to hear. So Valve doesn't develop for PS3, that doesn't bother me. What does bother me is when a game is promised by a certain date, and is delayed over and over again.

Although I don't own a 360, I'm not going to constantly bash it for whatever reason. I have better things to do than waste my time with hating on a piece of hardware. Fanboys are are fanboys, on both sides. How many times have 360 fanboys bashed the PS3 for the same exact things your complaining about?

solar3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

here is the full article posted here almost 3 days ago. Doug Lambordi said "we arent ps3" developers there. yet...only 11 comments by us that were interested in Valve in the first place. obviously no one really cared about reading the article until "oooh, Valve said "we arent ps3 developers" in this story title. frankly it shows me you guys wanted something to hate. and here it is.

zapass3913d ago

- the RROD console with the worst reliability of all time
- the PC platform with more piracy than real business

valve who??

Montrealien3913d ago

Although I do agree with you,

Jack and Daxter/Uncharted/Way of the Warrior/Crash = Naughty Dog

Ratchet and Clank/Decapitator/Resistance = Insomniac

Qbanboi3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )


When did I said Valve was crap? I love the Orange Box, but i sux a$$ that it's worst on the Ps3 just because Valve don't "Like" making games on the Ps3. Dude, this is like a forum, people post here to say what they like and what they dislike, so we just can't say that we are angry that Valve isn't going to make games for the Ps3? Because YOU opinion is what matter?

Yo, if someone is a fanboy here is you. If you don't like everybody complaining just ignore us. And before you go telling other people the "you hate because you don't have a 360" look at the pic.

DigitalEntity3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

They are shutting themselves on half the market, not to mention that will not sell in Japan and half of Europe. Besides that, not pleasing PS3 owners will damage Valve's image on those markets.

Not a smart move, either they don't care how much they sell or they are just dumb. My bet is on the second.

Montrealien3913d ago

Yeah, Valve is dumb....har har. Guess who is the dumb if you think the people running STEAM is Dumb.

They said what they have to say about the PS3. IF you are mad at them and accusing them of being idiots, stupid or not knowing what they are doing then you are simply a fanboy with one console in his patrents basement and mad cause a good dev is not supporting your console of choice.

Myself I got a good PC with Steam full of TF1/TF2/CS/CS:S/DoD/DoD:s/Half Life 1-episode 2 ect ect...I don`t care if they never make a game on consoles, neither do they.

/flex @ disgrees

I am gamer with choice, you are fanboy with less choice.

sunnygrg3913d ago

Incognito, with far less devs, have done great with the PS3 especially Warhawk. 150 is more than enough for developing on two consoles according to my calculations.

gameraxis3913d ago

who are bots bringing up the ghostbusters post, congratulations you're truly idiots. theres a Huge difference there that you xbots are refusing to realize and that is Ghostbusters is STILL comming out on the 360, sure they said they would rather build on the ps3 but they're sucking it up and doing the game on BOTH...

HERE, they're giving up on the ps3. Do you see the difference now? Can't hardly be a fair comparison

Too Human $ucks

DigitalEntity3913d ago

@ Montrealien wrote:

"IF you are mad at them and accusing them of being idiots, stupid or not knowing what they are doing then you are simply a fanboy with one console in his patrents basement and mad cause a good dev is not supporting your console of choice."

It looks like you sir seem to be the fanboy here. Your hatred comment towards me is typical of a fanboy wanting to flame a conversation!

As I stated before: My opinion is that they are shutting themselves of part of the market (the PS3 owners). That is not the current trend of the industry (Activison, Ubisof, ...)

@ Montrealien wrote:
"I am gamer with choice, you are fanboy with less choice."

Your comments are pathetic :(

Montrealien3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

So Too Human sux, without ever trying it? And you are the one accusing people of not being fair?

Talk about a pot calling the kettle black...sheesh.


If what I said gets them inner flames going, you passed the fanboy test ;D

Glad to be a gamer3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

I say give the crowd what they want and they'll love you for it.

Cod4/dmc4 "same on both systems"= "actually not exactly true". got pics to back it up.

GTA4 "i like the softer warmer colours on the Ps3 version" = "downgraded res, vaseline filter and faded colours"

Ghostbusters= could of done more if it was Ps3 exc.

In the end these dev are just trying to sell their games and kudos to them at least Valve are being honest and up front and trying to maintain the quality of there titles.

(Less ram = more problems in running the same game)

le killer3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

jak and daxter = insomniac check it out http://www.insomniacgames.c...

@ gameraxis: so too human sucks? and it's still porbably 5 months til release??? where did you play it? and can you put up some links showing the finished game?

because, only the worst fanboys are saying that too human looks bad. it's not only looking great, but has also some pretty nifty features: 4 player on-line co-op(which in it's self is nothing spectacular),but it's an RPG. with persistent characters, and enemy A.I which adapts to the level of the players.

i would say it's looking anything other than sucky!

DigitalEntity3913d ago


Why do you keep attacking people?

Judging your post history... maybe you should go and make yourself productive instead.

Montrealien3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

@ DigitalEntity

Thanks for the life lesson, from now on I will work a lot harder at being more productive in life. Thx sir, oh, also from now on I will take comments section like this very seriously, it is serious business it seems right?

And I attack Fanboys, not people, don`t ever confuse them again. Humanity will be insulted.

@ LE Killer

That link just proves what I said.

Insoniac = Ratchet and clank, not Jak and Daxter.

marinelife93913d ago

Don't get your panties in a bunch because some PS3 owners who are consumers by the way decide to vote against Valve with their dollars.

If Valve doesn't want to provide content for my machine then we just choose not to provide dollars for their wallet. It's called capitalism.

le killer3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

lol you are rite...could've sworn jak and daxter was insomniac. cheers bud. i'm out of bubbles(lost a one today with my post above).

@ marinelife it is I dan-boy in another guise...i made the dan-boy log-in when i forgot my password with this account. anyway, i wasn't attacking you or anynbody else earlier. i was just pointing out how fickle, pathetic and damn rite hypocritical the ps3 fanboys are on here.

@ qbanboi just ingore me then. i wasn't saying it was YOU who was attacking valve, just the other twats that were/are.

sony fanboys who dismiss valve are just suffering from sour grapes. to dismiss their work past/present and future is pathetic. as i said, imagine if half-life3 had been announced as ps3 exclusive?? that news would've been welcomed with open arms, and valve would've been hailed as the better than average developers that are....not now having their work and name besmirched by a bunch of nobodys.

and all those that agreed with me (dan-boy that is) be a sport, and chuck some bubbles my way. for speaking the truth, it would appear that i've lost a bubble already today.

dantesparda3913d ago

So let me get this straight, Sonarus says "fair enough" to Valve saying that they dont make PS3 games (and noticed how their tone, Valve's, has changed from "no we hate the PS3 architecture", to now, "we just dont have enough people", sounds like somebody is starting to come around). There was nothing even remotely fanboyish about what Sonarus said.

Then Cwalat says "no shiet?" Because we all know that on this site. Nothing fanboyish about that either.

Then Marinelife9 says, "That's fine then I don't buy Valve anymore. Any Valve game I purchase will be used or off of Ebay." Thats not really fanboyish, because he has a right to feel that if they wont support his platform, then he doesnt have to support them.

And then, out of nowhere, here comes dan-boy with this completely off-topic and fanboyish and flaming comment, "i like how things are forgotten or twisted to fit the sony fanboys logic. if valve are being honest, and think that they can make greater games by concentrating on a particular system, then who the fvck are you lot to start calling them out??"

And gets all these agrees from the rest of the 360 fanboys for it. Now tell me how were the first 3 guys comments before him being even remotely fanboyish? the only one being fanboyisn was dan-boy, with his inflammatory comment that was attacking PS3 fanboys for no reason other than his disdain for Sony fanboys? Fanboyism is retarded and it makes all you people look stupid for it. And this is coming from a Nov. 05, 360 owner.

Homicide3913d ago

Valve are great developers. They make some awesome games. If EA are making the port, I hope they don't screw it up ala The Orange Box.

fusionboxer3913d ago

You must love how much attention your getting.

Anyway the Ghostbuster devs might've said they would be able to create a better game if they concentrated on the ps3, but what are they actually doing? They're making a multiplatform game for almost every system regardless of what they personally might want.

Valve concentrates on the PC and 360 and that's fine, but what good is it for them to persistently say they don't like or work on the ps3. Is it to show their lack of talent or drive for a multi million install base or is it the fact that they simply don't feel the need to learn new hardware? What do you take from it?

No ones currently complaining about Gears, Fable, or the past Halo being exclusive. Ps3 and 360 owners all understand that if a developer works on one platform then they will reap the benefits. If they work on many then it's solid that they'll have to find a common denominator. It's common knowledge now that the ps3 has a bit more development space and to say otherwise is ignorance.

Your also taking reality and distorting it to your view in order to call others dumb. Gamers aren't saying Valve is a bad dev just because they don't develop for the ps3. There are actually a host of reasons that some might dislike them. They remain focused on one dev tool that's clearly outdated, they're led by a pompous fatass, they clearly live in the past, other then the half life series they aren't very well known save for mods that other people created using tools they've made, etc. etc. I for one don't like them because they allowed EA to bring a less then stellar version of Half Life 2 to the ps3.

Basically what i'm saying is if the sony homies start talking bad about valve then it's not because they don't work on the ps3. It's obviously something their management blurted out, or some other dumb crap they did or decided. You don't see the whole gamer population hating on all the other devs working specifically on the 360.

potenquatro3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

agree with sonarus.

to all those hating fanboys:as soon as u buy multiple systems ur problems will go away.stop atacking devs because u only have one console and u want it to be the be all end all console.alot of u sound too unreasonable. if ur acting like this now imagine if another golden age like the 16-32bit era comes up.your gonna miss out on alot of great games and consoles with that attitude,and it will be ur loss.there will never be a be all end all system. it's like the ps1 phenomenom left everybody with a bad habit. if u wanna game,buy a system.u wanna be a gamer....i think ur gonna need more than one.i read in a post that there are more sony fans in this site and we should deal with it.well ur console falls short in some ways,deal with that instead of talking out ur arse. i have ps3,xbox(broken) and pc.people like me play the games u love and the games u hate,u guys just play some games and then hate the rest of the time.go talk trash in a sony site not a gamer site. :)

Dark General3913d ago

I completely agree with you there. I don't like the Half-Life series and i think it's totally over rated (seriously people should stop comparing it to Deus Ex) and i found it mediocre at best. Now Portal and Team Fortress 2 are completely different stories. 2 great games. I love Gabe and the rest of Valve's honesty about things, so if they say they won't develop on Ps3 i have no problems with that. I think until Ps3 "proves itself" to Valve more then when it comes to developing on consoles Valve would go where money can be made, as any other company would.

wow4u3913d ago

" the team making ghostbusters claimed they could've done more had they been ps3 exclusive"

No, the CEO of the company said that. Second, Ghostbusters is owned by SONY.

Take his "insight" with a grain of salt, he's probably repeating something fed him by Sony.

Homicide3913d ago

Sony owns the rights for the movie, not the game. Just accept that the PS3 is more powerful than the 360.

yesah3913d ago

its really funny when fanboys call others fanboys, and act neutral. Honestly you lack any point at all, one person is not everybody. And i for one say that if they dont ant to develop on the system i own, fvck them. Anything wrong with that? You are a 360 fanboy, thats fine. Just dont come off all high and mighty saying, "you fanboys are so pathetic."
when you stick out your finger ponting at someone, you have three finers pointing back at yourself. Feel free to use that in your kindergarden class tomorrow.

solidt123913d ago

Well if they make a PS3 version I will buy it. I saw a gameplay video and it looked great. Plus I love zombie flicks so I have to get the game. I have a 360 also but I will no longer pay for Live since I can play for free on my PS3 with no problems.

gameraxis3913d ago

I just threw it in there as an off topic against xbots "JOKE" i actually like the way the game looks no i haven't played it

Remember u can be an xbox fan without being an xbot

Any comment i have against 360 is in response to fanboys bashing sony FIRST so if your not them then don't take offense.... SHEESHH

(if u responded to my first post then ur a fanboy as well huh dude?)

Hook line and sinker

The Lazy One3913d ago

Here's a few facts. Any game will be better if it's exclusive to any platform. You can work out gameplay issues and performance issues to tune the performance to be the best it can be on the system. That is a fact.

Second, just as many devs have said that it's significantly harder to port for the PS3. Liken it to climbing. Sure you'll have 5 people that can climb everest, but you'll have 20 that never get close, and some that die horribly on the way. Does that make the 50 or so that can climb mckinley worse off?

Bearing that in mind, PS3 went lead platform on a lot of games because it's difficult, not because it's more powerful. You don't design something for the powerful system, you design it for the one that'll be easiest to port with the least lost.

PS3 can be very powerful. It can also be incredibly gimped to certain aspects of a game. It's not better, it's different.

The Lazy One3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

i don't even know how it's possible to double post on here.

3912d ago
samfk3912d ago

its cus the ps3 is too much hastle to programme for u cant blame them!!

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solar3913d ago

personally i dont care if Valve doesnt like the ps3. developers have their preferences and they have the right to develop games for whatever platform they want. Gabe has gotten flack for calling out ps3 owners (like myself) but thats his opinion. doesnt affect me what he says because Valve games on PC are superior to the console versions.

i only buy Valve games for PC for the fact of Steam and keyboard and mouse configuration. Valve is my favorite developer.

themyk3913d ago

360 owners love zombie games. so thats fine with me. if it's not resident evil. i don't want it. so you guys can have it. enjoy. i saw the video, trust me you guys can have it. looks right up your ally

solar3913d ago

where did i say i even wanted to play L4D? and i own a ps3. not a 360.

Amanosenpai3913d ago

Not serious,

I think its a cost benefit reason.

kewlkat0073913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )


So first shooters, now zombie games, were moving right down that genre list. I suppose..

Who cares...there are devs, that just do PS3 games, am I gonna cry like a little b$%^h about it NO!!!, I got a PS3.

Valve are PC devs first, IMO and the 360(again), shares the same architect with PC's. Not that surprised..

@Meus down below - Kid I'm sure this has nothing to do with whether they are skilled or not. If a dev wanna put the time/man hours into learning a new architecter I'm sure they can but do own Valve?, Do you know their financial situation? or about how they choose to spend/split money on projects?

Like I said, some 3rd-party devs only do games on the PS3 or vice versa. That Unskilled or Lazy logic is getting old Bra.

jwatt3913d ago

That's cool with me, weren't alot of people saying if you can't make a ps3 game then don't make one at all. They will eventually make a ps3 game again(half life 2 for the ps2 anybody). It will be down the line when the cost are down, there is a bigger install base, and the ps3 development has been tapped.

I'm also hearing that Valve is a small team and if I was them I would probably wait to make a game on the ps3 and I'm a sony fan boy saying this. If I had a small dev team who was struggling to get a game running on the ps3 it would be scary ecspecially when you here things on the forums like I'm not buying this valve game or Ea game because they suck. You know these developers probably listen to what we say and some devs might even say if you don't want our game then we won't make it.

NDN_Shadow3913d ago

I agree whole heartedly. Though this hurts for PS3 owners like myself, in my opinion, Valve makes pretty good games. If they want to go exclusive, then so be it, it doesn't mean they're bad developers. There are plenty of good 360 games like Mass Effect, Halo and Gears.

I also agree that Valve games are pretty much better on a PC anyway. There's a much higher user base, and the games were built for the PC first anyway.

To add to that, Valve isn't allying themselves with Microsoft either, since STEAM is directly competing with Microsoft's Windows LIVE service for PCs.

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Meus Renaissance3913d ago

We all know the console is hard to program for but we're starting to see many developers now improving their games on the system. The fact that Valve cannot and will not is rather embarrassing for them. Go back to school? Hire skilled employees?

LJWooly3913d ago

Maybe Gabe Newell's just afraid to have to get off of his fat arse and learn some new tech. That's cool, though. He'll just miss out later on.

solar3913d ago

calling them unskilled is not fair meus. they dont want to use their resources to program for the ps3...whats all the hate for a developer because of that reason? its their business they can make games for whatever platform they want. im sure there are developers that dont like the 360 or wii and refuse to make games for the systems.

yes Gabe hates the ps3. but calling them unskilled after what they have shown in their past games is stupid.

TresTrendu3913d ago

That's not true Sony should make the proper tool's where they dev's don't have to spend a bunch of extra time trying to make their game's work on there console.

sarcastoid3913d ago

i think it's safe to say it's not just a "well we just don't want to make ps3 games" it's basically "we don't know how to code for the ps3 so we'll just skip it." which IS embarrassing for them because the stuff they make is so good that the fact they can't code for the PS3 is... sad.

drewdrakes3913d ago

Read the article. How could a developer that small handle a game on multiple systems with completely different architectures. Not only that, but im sure theyre working on a new Source engine, which is definitely a small undertaking.....

solar3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

your assuming. a developer comes out and says "we dont have the resourses for ps3 programming, our business model is gonna be PC/360" and they are lazy, crappy developers?

Valve doesnt owe us ps3 owners anything. ps3 owners need to knock off this "me me me! i have a ps3! all 3rd party dev's must make me games cuz im awesome with my ps3! if they dont they are lazy, sh!tty devs!" attitude. its sickening. Valve are great developers. OB didnt win so many awards for being sh!tty. and they arent lazy either. they constantly update and release new maps, game modes, etc for their current library.

rawg3913d ago

I'm sure they have or can acquire skilled developers who can program the PS3 so that's probably not the reason. In reality, it just wouldn't be in their best interests to contribute to the adoption of the PS3 ecosystem.

Think about it, Valve has a good thing with Steam. It's a managed distribution method for PC based games that they control, which avoids the biggest problem with PC gaming, piracy. The 360 and PC share the same architecture, which is why the 360 is considered "easier" to develop for and why there is almost always a PC port for 360 games so it's not really a threat to Steam.

The PS3, on the other hand, is totally inconsistent with the Steam model. PSN and disc based games on PS3 architecture are a competitive threat to the Steam business model, so it makes sense that Valve wouldn't want to support it.

Gabe is a jerk but Valve's position on PS3 gaming is just part of their business strategy.

sarcastoid3913d ago

I never said they were shotty devs or that the stuff they've done wasn't great.. it's all great... it just looks bad when they don't know how to develop for a console. It doesn't bother me personally as I have a PC, 360, and a ps3... but still I prefer my PS3 over my 360 and my semi-obsolete PC that won't be upgraded for a while. I'm just saying it'd be nice. It's fine though, I'll just be playing L4D on 360 I guess.

wow4u3913d ago


That is exactly what Carmack has said, the development tools and environment are very poor compared to MSFT.

When Ballmer says "Developers Developers Developers" I guess you people didnt understand; that to enable DEVELOPERS and treat them like customers is the way to success.

The Cell isnt "hard" to program for -- it just requires "unnecessary" effort. The Cell's DSPs are meant for signal processing, and the developers have to jump through hoops to get the machine to perform like the Xbox 360.

Carmack, Newell and even KOJIMA have said much the same thing.

NDN_Shadow3913d ago

Unskilled? Have you played any of Valve's games? They know what they're doing. They're probably the best PC developers. Half Life 2 was GotY. Portal was also highly regarded. The Orange Box in it's entirety is still an amazing deal.

That, and STEAM is faaar better than Microsoft's Windows LIVE.

jessupj3913d ago

This attitude that valve has does piss me off. It's not because they are not going to make games for the ps3. Did I get upset at halo 3 or mass effect? No I did not. It's their arrogant attitude that leaves me in disgust. Why do they have to be so stubborn and close minded?

If you want to focus on a specific platform so you can make the best game possible, then great, go for it I say. But valve isn't doing this. I believe they are just lazy fanboys, because I know they have the talent to code for the ps3, but for some reason they arrogantly refuse to. Surely everyone here can agree the ps3 is a great console as well, it has heaps of potential and a good install base.

It's their attidude that has hurt them, not their decision. Let me say that again. It's their attidude that has hurt them, not their decision. And because they are immaturely refusing to support the ps3, I refuse to support them and I will not be buying any of their games in the near future. It's a pity it had to be like this, but I just refuse to give developers like this my money.

And if they do decide one day to bring their games over, they may find ps3 owners are still very angry with them. They have no idea how much they are hurting their business.

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Relcom3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Its cool though the are PC developers and thats how from now on how i'll play their games.

4cough3913d ago

Ps3 shouldn't be so crappy.

juuken3913d ago

Your system shouldn't burn down homes.

juuken3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

La Chance, the 360 WAS the cause of a house burning down. I could believe that.

What did you want me to say...that the 360 is a God-given gift?

caffman3913d ago

it was a faulty original xbox power lead. They did a recall and replace on certain types a few years ago

FLOPbox 3603913d ago

<----------------------- : (

Sir Ken Kutaragi3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

SONY: "We don't Care"!!! ;-D
SONY: "We don't Need You"!!! ;-D
SONY: "Like we don't Need 'Epic'"!!! ;-D
Sir;)Ken: "Let's see you GROVEL come December 2008"!!! ;-D
Valve: "Hi SONY! Can we please make games for your SUPERIOR PS3???
We have sacked the bone-heads who can't even program a Microwave oven"!! ;-D

+PS3 gamers don't want 3rd rate P.C cast-off games thanks Valve!!! ;-D

Mr Marbles3913d ago

Sony: LOL Yeah we don't need great best in the world games from valve and epic.

As long as we have our homo-erotic pedephiliac over rated Japanese duds, we will continue to sell a small fraction of the games sold on 360 and just keep pretentending to still be relivant in the video game industry, hell why not it works on the idiot fanboys on N4G, they still worship us and we have only given them 1 half decent game in the entire life of the PS3, dude raider. LMAO!

gambare3913d ago

"We don't have the brains to develop for the PS3, we are stuck in obsolete computer architecture"