Ps3's Eye Toy Video

Take a look at this Eye Toy video for the ps3. As mentioned back at E3 2005 it looks as if the new Eye Toy will implement some ideas from the movie Minority Report. Looks very cool but have look for yourself.

NextGen24Gamer6436d ago (Edited 6436d ago )

Good to see the ps3 cam is doing the same thing the 360 cam is doing. To be able to manipulate things on the TV via the vision cam. Another feature that Microsoft "released" first to market in this next generation. First to implement 1080p as a native resolution and first to have a live marketplace, first to have a cam that has motion sensing abilitites, First to put your face in the game via the cam, First Killer Game in Gears of War for next gen systems, First to many many innovations and features in "this next generation of gaming". Its one thing to talk about what you are going to do...and its another to actually do it. MS has came through time and time again. Worldwide Launch...DONE....1080p gaming and movies....DONE....Online marketplace with HD movies for rent/download....DONE....Its truly amazing when you sit back and think about how far ahead MS is over the competition.

P.S. I think its great that Sony is following the leader. Its the ultimate form of flattery. If you can't beat them...Join um.

xpidite6436d ago

You are a complete xbox fanboy. Do you realize that Sony was first to have a camera out of all systems? MS copied sony when they released the eye toy for the PS2. so COPYING SONY'S CAMERA.....DONE You really need to learn your history before you go on rants about your favorite company

Scythesean6436d ago

You really are up Gates A$$ arn't you? Sony had the eye toy way before MS had anything like it. Also I don't see any 1080p games for MS out yet last I heard Gow was 720p not 1080p.

big_tim6436d ago

Sony released the cam on the PS2 first which did all of this but to a smaller degree because of the lack of processing power. So stop your fanboy crap posts. As far as ahead, Microsoft has only released some of you list BECAUSE Sony is. They are followers. the only reason they released it first is because the machine is out already. You give Microsoft way to much credit.

Raist6436d ago (Edited 6436d ago )

MS is the first to release ? really ?

I don't see any 1080p game on xbox 360, could you give some examples ? prolly not.

On the other hand, PS3 will get a 1080p 60fps game for launch? Yah, RR7.

For the camera, yeah lol. First eyetoy anyone ? But still, i've never seen something with the 360 camera that comes close to this video. Crappy face mapping for poker games ? woohoo

You're really funny dude ^^

Or maybe, you didn't know about eyetoy, and RR7. Not what i'd except from a "topgamer"

Sexius Maximus6436d ago

Sega had an interactive camera with the Dreamcast. They also had "triggers" first, that have been copied by both Sony and MS. LONG LIVE SEGA..booyokasha

andy capps6436d ago

TopGamer- Don't be stupid. I guess everyone is copying MS by making a video game console because MS is the first video game console in this generation. I guess Sony and Nintendo are copying MS because they're using a controller to affect the content in the videogames themselves.

Arkham6435d ago (Edited 6435d ago )

The Amiga had this in 1988 with the Mandala system that used the Genlock device to pioneer this sort of interactivity. It was the first device of this sort available to consumers. All of these camera toys copied them. nyeah nyeah!

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JIN KAZAMA6436d ago

please, next-gen is so close now. Nov. 17th is almost here people. get in line!! The king shall return to claim his throne. Play B3YOND

kingboy6436d ago (Edited 6436d ago )

mama! amen to that bro. PLAYB3YOND is the word.Can`t wait for this baby
ps:No need to claim the throne cuz ps2 has it already.Every month it`s doing mad damage in sales lol!

NextGen24Gamer6436d ago

My computer had a camera before Sony ever imagined having one. I was talking about having a camera that does motion sensing and Face Mapping in this NEXT GEN. And I said a console that has 1080p native ouput for games and movies. Microsoft was the first to have 1080p native support. Now its up to the game developers to utilize it. Sony fans are so touchy and jumpy. Calm down and relax...Your wait is almost over. Hopefully you all have your ps3 paid for and guarenteed one at launch like me. ha ha ha ha. If not, take a gander at the amazing Gears of War reviews. WOW. MS has done it again. Stop being fanboys and be gamers. I didn't lie once. I'm sorry if the truth rubs you the wrong way. I'm happy that Sony's next gen console is doing the same things the xbox 360 is already doing. Good news right?

Sexius Maximus6436d ago

The truth has been spoken...and it sounds like Microsoft.

big_tim6436d ago

"Stop being fanboys and be gamers" With comments like yours, you are definitely a fanboy. You say you speak the truth, but you are just like TheMARt, MS butt budies.

andy capps6436d ago

1080p was also something that MS criticized for the past year or so before implimenting as a capability for the machine to output in 1080p. Like you said, it's up to the developers to utilize it. So far, none have. PS3 is launching with several. Really everything you mentioned were ideas that Sony was implementing, and then MS criticized them, then later implemented them themselves. Does that make Sony the copycat? Why does everything have to be a system war with you? Yes, MS is copying the Eyetoy, but who really cares? The webcam has been around for years, it's a natural evolution that these things would make their way to video game consoles eventually.



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THWIP6436d ago

...but it's too bad it was 100% fabricated, with ZERO actual implementation of the camera. Nice ideas as usual Sony....now show us something real. :o