N'Gai Croal – Learning Curves

N'Gai Croal has stoked recent controversy by accusing Resident Evil 5 of being racist and in this EDGE article the games journalist discusses his introduction to the gaming industry.

"I'm a relative newcomer to videogames, having only dedicated myself seriously to the medium – both as a journalist and as a player – since 1999..."

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mbmonk3823d ago

I take issue with his question of “What’s the equivalent of three frets for Madden?” The short answer is there is no three fret equivalent in Madden.

He is comparing two derivative products and not looking at the inherited rules of the base products. Madden derivative of American football and Rock Band derivative of creating a band and playing music. I think my main problem with this comparison is a competitive game like football has a rule set that can’t be abstracted away. At some point if you don’t follow some basic rules you are not playing football anymore. You can turn off penalties and things of that nature, but you can’t do away with/abstract the rule that states you have 4 downs to get 10 yards, or a touchdown is worth seven point, a field goal is worth 3, and an extra point is worth 1. So there has to be some learning curve or knowledge base that has to be built up. It’s required.

What are the fundamental rules of playing music that you can’t abstract away? Playing a note at a given time. That is a knowledge base that almost all human beings have already so you don’t have to teach the user anything (unlike the 4 downs rules stated above that most people don’t already know). Rock bands learning curve is mainly the user interface.

I get the larger meaning behind the article. But things will go more casual on all platforms because that is where the money is. So this will happen on it’s own. Nintendo did the equivalent of writing this article years ago when they were designing the Wii.

Kleptic3823d ago

good post man...but I gotta warn definitely used some words that A LOT of people on this site will not understand...

ban fans3823d ago

The core problem with his article is his comparison of apples to oranges. He claims to have had a problem learning Madden when his knowledge of the real game was limited. Well, yeah!

He also displays his lack of knowledge in game development by saying that they should just add this or do this to make it easier for casual gamers to play. Well, that takes more development and more money, and in the end, not many "casual" gamers are going to stick around to play through COD4. You can't just rewrite the program for them! In addition, the idea of putting a Prince of Persia style rewind in any game instead of dying would not help some one learn the game. Casual gamers have problems with games due to the complex interface and multi-button coordination needed to play such games, so the solution would be to simplify the controls, which is not always an option.

In conclusion, all games can not be made into casual games, nor should they be "dumbed" down in that way. I do see his point and agree to some extent with the theory he proposes, but does anybody really think they could get their mom to play ES:Oblivion if only the control was a little easier. Madden is made with football fans in mind, COD4 was made with shooter fans in mind, and games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band were made as party games that any one could enjoy. They are targeted at a specific audience and I think when the developers create their games, they aim for that audience.

Horny Melon3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

N’Gai Croal self promotion already?

Last time out he said his name three times and had his picture in the first paragraph. He's one upped himself by not only name dropping his own name, but building his own hype and covering himself in his own articles.

He's like the real life dude version of Carmen from GTA.

Another gamers are too hard and need to be even more ridiculously easy, article. I can't remember the last time a game hung me up for even 5 minutes. You want a game to be easier? Hell you might as well watch tv at that point. It has the same difficulty level.

How does this guy claim to be hardcore and want an easier game in the same article?

GutZ313822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )