More RV770 and RV770X2 details

Fudzilla: "Die shrink with minor changes"

"ATI said a few things about its new upcoming RV770 chips, and as we've said before you can expect RV770PRO with DDR3, RV770XT with DDR5 support and the top end, R700 aka (RV770X2) with two RV770XT chips in a dual-card configuration.

The new GPUs are 55nm and they are actually an architecture shrink chip with minor architectural changes. Of course, just as RV670, they do support DirectX 10.1 and at the same time, they will bring some significant performance improvements compared to the previous RV670 generation.

The new RV770 chip will also have great improvements in power consumption. The launch date is late Q2 2008, most likely June, but real volume availability is expected in early Q3 2008, probably July.

We still don't know the clocks or the official name."

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Kakkoii3816d ago

Ouch, I feel sorry for ATI.. Only a die shrink and minor architecture changes?

Nvidia's upcoming chip is going to pummel them =/... (Has over 1 billion transistors lol.)

Fux4Bux3815d ago

But I really hope ATI does surpass Nvidia right away for the sake of competition. 8800 series was massive overkill domination and Nvidia has prettymuch backtracked over the past year and a half because ATI had nothing to compete. Had there been series competition we'd have a 9800GTX with 256 stream processors and 1GB RAM instead of a minor revision.

kwicksandz3815d ago

I kinda wish ATI could bring back its glory days. it isnt good for the industry to have nvidia ontop for so long. quit messing round with die shrinks and make a serious next gen contender ATI!

Oh raedon how the mighty have fallen