Next-gen Prince of Persia goes open-world

This time around, players won't start off as a prince, but instead as a drifter and adventurer, lost in the desert. "We're starting afresh, in the same universe, and we wanted to bring something new while keeping what worked before," creative director Jean-Christphe Chuyot explains, adding "He'll be confronted by a lot of fantasy settings."

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hardmetal3816d ago

it’s from the studio that created Sand of Time only ( The team behind Assassin’s Creed ). The two other two parts are created by a different team.

hardmetal3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

I meant "team" instead of "studio".

sonarus3816d ago

What is it with ubisoft montreal and open world games? Assasins creed, far cry 2, splinter cell conviction and now this.

Not every game works well with that open world formula

Amanosenpai3816d ago

IMO the "linear" free running an problem solving works great in PoPersia series.

If its an openworld like Assasins Creed this will just suck.

Statix3816d ago

To me, open-world, nonlinear games offer more a more explorative and engrossing experience, and sometimes more replay value. Linear games are fine the first play-through, but all things equal, they feel more artificial and less compelling to me.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would never have been hailed as one of the greatest games of all time if it was just a linear experience lacking a fully-realized, open overworld.

Amanosenpai3816d ago

Asassins Creed = Open world formula

Prince of Persia = "linear" formula

I just dont want a Prince of persia game that looks like Asassins Creed 2...

ps3 is my champion3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Assassin's creed's open world failed miserably and the only people who can do it right are rockstar and to a lesser extent bethesda.

Zelda games are in a class of their own there's something special about the whole link thing.

ubisoft montreal is a pos team. Who want's to play boring games like AC, or ingame ad infested, sh*tty framerate games like rbsv2. Their code is far from elegant.

Let me say this, I am forever indebted to gamestop for letting me return those steampiles no questions asked.

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wolfehound223816d ago

Well should be interesting. They did do Assassin's Creed so they know how to do open world games. I just hope there are more varieties in missions than AC I got bored with that game.

kosha3816d ago

Yeah i still havent completed AC. Its allright for a bit as you admire the graphics but then you realize theres nothing to do and you get bored

KBDuB3816d ago

kosha - Nothing to Do!? Are you Kidding!? Nah, just joking.. but, it does get fun just killing random people and guards. Sorta like going on a rampage in GTA. =D

kosha3816d ago

When i do go on it i normally spend the majority of my time stabbing tramps. It doesnt matter if the quards come because ill just counter attack them all to death

kingme713816d ago

There were alot of things done right in AC. AC had some faults that were really around the design of gameplay that take nothing away from the engine. Hopefully, POP will be a great game.

kosha3816d ago

Assasins creed had alot of potential and it could of easily become a classic it just needed more vareity

Jinxstar3816d ago

I agree. All I think AC really needed was to lose the stupid Sci Fi twist and give you the cross bow that was in the trailer. Story was great and... I think it had vartiety, You could hunt flags, Eavedrop, Pick Pocket, blend, Eagle view thing, Climb, Fight.... I can see where you would think its repeatative but I enjoyed it. Adult themed and well written and set in a time that deseves more attention.

eddierivera3816d ago

Thats all else I had to say.

Neurotoxin3816d ago

So Basically its going to be Assassin`s Creed, but with Aladdin instead Of Altair pointless jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

I think Prince of Persia worked as a Linear Platformer, making it open world will just ruin it.

BeaArthur3816d ago

And you know this because you have played it?

Jinxstar3816d ago

Here is the thing I think he's getting at... Think God of War open world... it would be very very hard to do. I think a good Dev team can do anything but why change what works so well at a high risk of failure... Most fans of PoP prefer the linear story driven game with cool acrobatics as opposed to an assassins creed approach. I mean we have AC2 coming one day why not stick to your guns...

BeaArthur3816d ago have to evolve to be able to keep things fresh. As much as I like the PoP series, how many games do you think they could do before it starts getting old? Take a game like Resident Evil 4, they completely changed the format and it was a lot better. My point was that he should wait and see what the game is like before passing judgement on it. I mean come on we haven't even seen any gameplay footage, we literally know nothing about the game.

Neurotoxin3816d ago

Yes i`ve played the new Prince of Persia game even though its not been finished...............

Rather than me writing another comment read the guys comment above, pretty much sums up my thoughts.

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