Prostitution options excluded from Aussie version of GTA IV

Aussie version features different options when it comes to dealing with ladies of the night.

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DarkSniper3871d ago

Austrailian gamers can easily import an American copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for their PLAYSTATION® 3. For those who own Xbox 360's, are obviously snubbed once again. This is the price you pay when you purchase inferior hardware.

All you will need to do is WELCOME CHANG3 in your life and PLAY B3YOND.


SuperSaiyan43871d ago

Well I am in the UK and had a nice car and parked alongside a girl and honked the horn and they just stood there, I tried another one and the same thing, I am like wtf? Do I need an Banshee or Cosette or something??

spacetoilet3870d ago

I like Nico to get get blown by a hooker if my health is's funny as hell.

prunchess3870d ago

Did anyone tell the oz censors that prostitution is legal in Australia? F*ck me, they have even floated a brothel on their stock exchange!