Over 2 million GTA IV Achievements unlocked in first 24 hours

VG247: Speaking in the latest Major Nelson podcast, guest "e", who's most recently been working on getting Xbox Live ready for GTA IV's launch, has revealed a fairly startling stat regarding initial Achievement scoring for the game.

"In the first 24 hours, over 2 million Achievements were unlocked for a total of 15 million gamer score," he said.

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Lucreto3817d ago

Wow thats a lot for somthing completely usuless
Look at the second and third panel.

Saint Sony3816d ago

Achievements are good, they support the feeling of accomplishing something in game.

It is also a nice to follow how your mates are advancing in games, even if they're not online you can see their achievements. Also a little competition between friends who beats the games first and gets those "evil" achievements is always welcome.

Even if you don't like them you don't have to be an ass.

SL1M DADDY3816d ago

I once thought as you do but came to the conclusion that it also supports buying some pretty crap games to gain points. I am guilty of the whole "yeah the game sucks but at least it got my score up higher" argument and now realize that it was just giving me reason to promote and condone some poor developers. At the moment, I no longer even bother with the achievements and if I get any when I play the game then great, if not then I don't bother. They were nice when that is what I wanted out of the game but now I want quality games and no matter the number of achievements, I have abstained from the lesser games and saved myself for the more quality titles.

Saint Sony3816d ago

I understand your point, but I mainly talk about achievements only, not the score that comes with them. Gamer Score is another thing, it indeed pushes some people to buy the games they would not buy otherwise.

I personally don't care about my gamer score, because not all people have the same games, but the achievements alone tells how far you are in certain game and did you beat the game or not.

HeavyweightInTheGame3816d ago

The achievements and gamerscore, though meaningless, are fun to get and it is fun to compare with friends. But I prefer quality over quality even if it means I miss out on some points. Avatar, for example, will never be on my account even if it is the easiest 1000 points in the world. But the thing I hate the most about achievements are the point wh0res who will play the worst of the worst games just to get their score up. Like I said quality over quantity. But to each his own I guess.

SL1M DADDY3816d ago

I most of all understand the draw to them but warn others to their draw to buy poorly developed games. As long as people have fun I guess that's all it's about but supporting developers that sell a game with easy achievements and poor development tends to make me concerned. I hate shovelware and it seems that in some cases, the achievements and gamer score has only fueled the fire for crappy devs to shovel out more crap titles knowing that there are those who would buy their games just for the scores.

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ECM0NEY3816d ago

gamerscore whores dont buy the crap games they rent them or gamefly. They even download saved game torrents and put them on their 360 to automatically unlock them. Your argument is flawed.

SL1M DADDY3816d ago

My argument is flawed? So you have data that shows all gamerscore whores rent and pirate games to fuel their needs? No sir, your argument is flawed. You assume too much and thus prove that your stereotypes are completely off base. Try again there foolish little buddy. Sticking your head in the sand doesn't make it all go away...

ceedubya93816d ago

I'm taking my time with this game. So far, I've been playing a little bit here and there, a mission a day or so. Havne't touched the multi yet, but I will soon. Just haven't really had the time to play a lot.

Definitely look forward to getting the achievements from this game though. I'm definitely not one to be an acheivment whore, but I look forward to seeing that "Achievment Unlocked" thing on the screen when I make progress in a game that I really enjoy. Its not about the gamerscore, but what I accomplished in my playtime.

ASSASSYN 36o3816d ago

Man, people are so jealous over achievements.

JokesOnYou3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

which is sad, because if you don't like them then you don't have to worry about getting them, but they do add a little extra fun do most games. Example in GTA4 you would most likely get most of the achievements while simply playing the game, so it turns out just to be a small icon representing things you accomplished in GTA4 and you can compare them to other friends/fans of the game to see if they have the same ones. I don't have anywhere near as many achievements as many of my friends, but so what?, I still enjoyed the games....but then again, I don't think I have to compete with the world,(if you brought a game you thought sucked just for achievements then thats your fault) I'm not insecure like some people, so I realize a gamerscore and achievements are just suppose to be a fun twist added to the games, some act as if their gamerscore has something to do with their manhood, "hey Baby look at MY gamerscore" ha ha now thats sad.


3816d ago
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