PS4: 134,000 Units Sold In Less Than A Month (Spain)

In Sony Computer Entertainment Spain (SCEE) just made public from November 29 until yesterday, December 22, and has sold 134,000 units of PlayStation 4 in Spain.

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pyramidshead2389d ago

So many people thirsty for true next gen :O. The Spanish have good taste! :)

Muerte24942389d ago

Spaniards? But yes, yes they do

MasterCornholio2389d ago

At least you're not calling us latinos.

God I hate it when people call me that.

ltachiUchiha2389d ago

The ps4 is a hot system everywhere it lands. Go get it sony so u can bring us alot more exclusives.

thehitman2389d ago

GZ to Sony and thats great for some official numbers.

MasterCornholio2389d ago

Up from 50,000. Thats pretty good.