Blend Games Preview: Boom Blox

Blend Games writes: "Ever since EA announced they were working with Stephen Spielberg to produce a game we've waited to hear the tale. What swashbuckling tale of triumph and visual spectacle could Spielberg and the power structure at EA come up with? Then not too long ago the first project was announced and it left us shaking our heads in bewilderment. Boom Blox is not the first concept you think of when Spielberg is attached to a project.

But here's the secret of Boom Blox: the core concept is golden. The purpose of the game is to allow families and groups in general gather to have fun. This is where the game will shine. Rather than involving disinterested wives and children in epic interactive narrative, Boom Blox instead focuses on short bursts of gameplay. Plus Spielberg is right; people do enjoy knocking things over."

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