echochrome: no end in sight

Kumi Yuasa from The Playstation blog writes:

"If you haven't already downloaded echochrome (it went live during Thursday's Store update), you've got 56 brain-busting, perspective-spinning puzzles ahead of you. If anyone out there has already managed to clear all the levels, these people are looking for you. Still, you've hardly seen all echochrome has to offer. Aside from *another* 56 levels to be found in the other version of echochrome (both the PS3 and PSP editions contain unique level sets), you can also play the best levels your fellow gamers have created."

"Every level has to have 3 things: a start, pathways, and a goal. The mannequin piece acts as the starting point for the level. You can build pathways with as many gaps, obstacles, and bends as you like. The goal is to reach the echoes, or shadow guides. These are like markers that you have to guide the mannequin to. So you'll need at least one of these. You can place up to four echoes anywhere in the environment, while the fifth and final echo will always appear exactly where you place the mannequin character."

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Blackcanary4588d ago

I've tryed this game its ok.
But i started to get bored half way through it.

wolfehound224587d ago

Fun game very tough and can be frustrating at times. Can't beat it for $10.

SaiyanFury4587d ago

I played the demo on my PS3 and loved it. Truly a game that makes you think and adapt. I'm unable to download the full version for some reason that the PSN won't recognize my credit card. I'd love the full version...

ThatArtGuy4587d ago

It took me forever to figure this out, but if your credit card is actually a debit card (funds come straight from your checking account) it will not work. It has to be a true credit card.

thor4587d ago

I use my debit card on the store...?!???!?

MikeGdaGod4587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

absolutely false information

i have always used my debit card to add funds to my account. i've never used a credit card. you should give sony a call if you're having a problem like that.

calis4587d ago

I'd play this if they friggin released it in Australia.

40cal4587d ago

Makes you think alot. And yes debit cards work on the PSN.