Microsoft's Scott Henson on TV and movies

As rumored, Microsoft announced a new feature last night allowing high-definition movie and television downloads directly to your 360's hard drive. Yeah, the same hard drive you already have ... there's no accompanying drive announcement. Of course, this introduced any number of questions regarding the viability of such a strategy; luckily, Joystiq recently had a chance to speak with Scott Henson, director of platform strategy for the Xbox 360, to get some more details on the service, due to launch on November 22nd.

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Mr Pumblechook4459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

the x360 has a 20gb hard drive. 6gb is used for system functions. Some on save games and updates.
the space is obviously not enough.

Developers speaking of-the-record have said that the new x360 comes out in May
includes HD-DVD
improved circuitboard that is slightly faster, less prone to overheating

and a large HD

No announcements have been made, because MS dont want to damage Christmas sales, especially as the competition begins now the PS3 & Wii is released.

shotty4458d ago

and a developer would know this how?

pshizle4459d ago

buy an external harddrive!!!