Ninten-Don't... How I watched my children turn into monsters

Rosie Millard from writes.....

As my eight-year-old son Gabriel hit his five-year-old sister Honey on the head, ten-year-old Phoebe started yelling and the youngest, three-year- old Lucien, joined in the fun, a red mist descended over my vision.

It was eight in the morning. No one had eaten breakfast. The curtains had not been opened. The beds had not been made. The dog had not been walked. Our habitual regime of a ten-minute morning music practice had been abandoned.

The entire mood was one of anger, confrontation, pain and frustration.

Welcome to a family of Nintendo-users. Or should I say user, since we had only one of these infernal devices.

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Wildarmsjecht3914d ago

Wow...I'm sorry but this lady is stupid. To expect a group of 4 children to play nice with a single player handheld system is silly. To not have any sort of control of said children is just bad parenting. They took it from your drawer, hid it from you, took it from your bag and presumably did the same thing, and you expect them to behave nicely with it? Sweet jesus, no wonder the DS is selling so well. Parents like this buy it thinking they can be "t3h awes0mes momz". It's possible to have a sharing system, but when you have children who have already demonstrated a delinquent demeanor towards it, then don't bother. I hope the Cancer Research place she gave it to donated it to a hospital or area for children who suffer from it and can be grateful. Smartest thing she could've possibly done out of everything else.

BeaArthur3913d ago

Just another case of bad parenting. Why would you think a small army of children would be able to politely share a Nintendo DS. I don't know anything about his women or her family and I could tell you they are not going to share one DS very well. Usually I read stories like these and the parent is ignorant about video games, but this lady is just plain ignorant. Good job knowing your children.

thisguywithhair3913d ago

I can't even stand watching other people play, let alone actually sharing a ahndheld system. How can I expect my kids to share?

pwnsause3914d ago

??? WTF??? she must be smoking. even my mom knows that the handhelds are single-player experience type of gaming system. good job being dumb.

Breakfast3914d ago

Three of those kids...look evil...

Play B3yond3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Lmao i just noticed that...

What kinda news is this??? Back in the day my twin cousins got into fistfights when there was only one controller on the N64...And i mean brutal fistfights that looked like it was going to become a deathmatch...and its a disgrace when some little rich goodie goodie family has a few pushes and it becomes news...sad...

thisguywithhair3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

This isn't news, it is a work-at-home mom who couldn't think of writing anything else. Problem is, she prolly thinks this is a funny article.

For the record, I really hate it when entire articles are written with one sentence paragraphs.

ArtisianDragon3914d ago

This woman should have known kids (more than two or three) more than likely will not play well by only having one handheld system.

ChickeyCantor3914d ago if all families are the same.....

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The story is too old to be commented.