Jolt Review: Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Jolt writes: "It's only been a year since Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters slipped into PSPs, providing decent levels of portable R&C related entertainment for a few hours. Since then Ratchet & Clank made their stunning debut on the PS3 with Tools of Destruction, one of a very few must-have titles on Sony's next-gen machine. With the PS2 finally winding down, is there really any point on bringing out Size Matters for a console out to stud? [So that's how PSPs are born... - Ed]

Size Matters opens with the Lombax hero and his miniature robot companion taking a well-earned break on the resort planet of Pokitaru when they are approached by a young girl named Luna, a fan of the duo. Before they know it, she's kidnapped by a group of ancient aliens known as the Technomites, tiny alien inventors angry with the galaxy for ignoring their technological advances. This sets the duo off on yet another planet-hopping, gun-toting platforming adventure.

Although far from being one of the better games in the series, Size Matters faired reasonably well on the PSP thanks to its good visuals, suitable controls and enjoyable, if short-lived, adventure. On PS2 however, things aren't so rosy right from the off, as within seconds of the game's opening, it already looks massively inferior to the four other R&C titles on the PS2. If the developers did make any visual improvements during the porting process, they're clearly subtle enough to make no difference to the bland environment design and lack of detail."

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