Diehard GameFan Review: Mario Kart Wii

Diehard GameFan writes: "Mario Kart is a very interesting franchise, not for its gameplay mechanics, concept, or design elements, but because it has a reputation as being one of the most belligerently antagonistic game series' ever conceived, and yet each iteration is almost always insanely entertaining and enjoyable.

Mario Kart Wii continues the grand tradition of racing down the track, dodging shells and banana peels the whole way, but incorporates several interesting changes that actually balance out the experience significantly. Now, there's no story of any significance to the experience (everyone decided to get together and drive around in circles), but there are a metric ton of gameplay modes that more than make up for that. If you're looking to play solo, you can jump into various Grand Prix tournaments, run through time trials, play in battle mode, or go through single races by your lonesome, or you can grab some friends and play split-screen with up to four players in either races (solo or on teams) or in battle mode. You can also jump online (with one or two local players, which is an awesome addition) and play with friends or other random players in various races and such. There's a ton of stuff to do by yourself or with friends, and you'll have a lot of different and enjoyable game modes to tear through; if nothing else, MKW will always have a place in your Wii for parties and random play, which is always worth having around."

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