COD4 becomes second PS3 game to reach 3 million

Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the Playstation 3 has become the second game to have reached 3 million in sales.

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White-Sharingan3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Congrats Infinity Ward.

If you think about it, Motorstorm was only able to reach 3 mil because it was bundled, while COD4 was not.

EDIT: Only 170k more and it becomes the best selling PS3 game, unless GTA4 or MGS4 takes their throne but with the GOTY edition arriving, sales should keep up for a while.

Homicide3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

OMG! What kind of moron disagreed with you? Must've been 360 fanboys.

GTA IV might outsell this game in one week. It's been selling very well.

White-Sharingan3872d ago

Yeah, pretty weird. I didnt try to offend anyone oO and didnt insult any consoles. Maybe it was me saying "The only reason Motostorm reached to 3 million was cause it was bundled"? I have motorstorm, good game, but its a fact that it reached so far because it was bundled with the PS3.

sonarus3871d ago


Congrats to infinity ward. GTA and MGS4 will be surpassing it though. Hopefully:|

theKiller3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

will surpass COD4 in one month max(i think in 10 days but thats wat i think).

MGS4 will surpass it also in the same time as GTA4!

i am wondering who will sell more on ps3 MGS4 or GTA4?? they r both strong titles but one is exclusive! i think MGS4 will end up selling more after a period of time, its so huge and i hope there is more bosses than the 4 women bosses! i have faith in kojima, he can easily put more unique bosses if he wanted to, but i remember he saying that blue ray is too small for his ultimate game! i think sony should really advertise it like GTA4 and halo 3 to maximize the software/hardware sales of ps3 and MGS4!

those who agree with me give me a bubble please, i would be happy if i get just one more:)!!

PirateThom3871d ago

Liquid Ocelot will probably be a boss as well.

jwatt3871d ago

I remeber in one of those long previews they said there are more bosses but they don't want to spoil anything.

dan-boy3871d ago

i've got a couple of people on my friend list who in the mid 3.5 mil position on the cod4 leaderboards. how may has this sold on the 360 i have to ask?

SamuelRSmith3871d ago

@ 1.7

Many people have multiple accounts. I, for one, have purchased CoD4 or the PS3 once (and for the 360/pc once), and yet my machine has played online with four different accounts: mine; my 2 brothers; and a crappy account I have for playing about with when friends come over.

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Mario183872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

GTA4 should pass CoD4 soon

resistance1003872d ago

Its actually 3rd. Both Resistance: Fall of man and Motorstorm topped 3million sales, both confirmed to reach that point by Sony. VG charts are useless when it comes to software

shine13963871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

you took the words out of my mouth...but like i couldn't remember the website, in cases somebody asked for sources...also...I remember singstar being huge multiplatinum or so...and vg charts didn't even have it...

edit2: it has ps3 version at 300,'s very very low for singstar title...their huge in europe...probably only counting the eng lang version...

resistance1003871d ago


Its higher, there have been over a million Singstar downloads already. i suspect its closer to 750K in sales.

SamuelRSmith3871d ago

Sony announced that they had sold 3 million copies of Resistance, yes. But they had sold 3 million copies of the game to shops, not to the consumers. VGChartz tracks software sold from shops to customers.

Sony tracks: Warehouse -> Shop
VGC tracks: Shop -> Our grubby mits

Also, about the Singstar comments, Singstar may have sold well on the PS2, but that by no-means means that they will continue to sell well on the PS3. The PS3 has a completely different demographic to the PS2, the PS2 sold well to the casual gamer, and the PS3 doesn't. Singstar sells mainly also to the casual gamer.

And using song-downloads to try and figure out sales is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read (well, one of the most ridiculous things). Especially when you pull such a random number out of your arse. Would it be so hard to believe that people have downloaded 4-5 tracks. Hell, I know that if I owned the game (which I don't, it doesn't appeal to my demographic) I would have downloaded at least 20 songs by now.

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Darkiewonder3872d ago

and those that bought the game to support it. Wonder how well the Variety Map Pack is doing so far. I did my part and bought it.

xhairs3871d ago

It came out way too late to put any interest on me. I've heard only 2 of 3 maps are really worth playing anyways. Perhaps if it was $4 instead of $9 I might have got it, but my interest in the game has dropped drastically due to my, "lack of prestige". It seems to be the only thing everyone online even cares about and if you aren't Prestige and you win, you're a, "noob" because you didn't go prestige...

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