NZGamer: Time Crisis 4 Review - Time Crisis 4 is bullet-ridden pain in a box

NZGamer writes: "Many people will have fond memories of Time Crisis from back in the old arcade days where there would always be a large crowd gathered to watch a couple of guys frantically wave their plastic guns around. It was quite possibly the revenue generator that many arcade parlour owners have retired in the Bahamas on to this day. So naturally, when Namco announced that a PS3 version was in the works, nostalgia kicked in and I desperately searched my wallet for $1 coins. Sadly, however, Time Crisis 4 fails to recapture the fond memories of the arcade version. And it's not just the fact that I don't have eight random strangers all watching my every move with an awestruck expression on their face."

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Ri0tSquad3816d ago

This game really fell off.