Ubisoft - Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (TM) Blasts into Action: Details and Video

XboxOZ360 writes about the newest Tom Clancy game H.A.W.X:

"Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six team gameplay is just getting better and better at each iteration, the gameplay in Splinter Cell is being fully worked over to hopefully provide us with a new way of enjoying Sam on his next "exclusive' outing in "Convictions" when it hopefully appears later in the year.

We know that Ubisoft are well underway with the building of the next new series for the Rainbow Six Team, now that Vegas is out of the way, so what better way to begin to tie them all together that bringing in some High Altitude Warfare."

For details and a video hit the link.

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XboxOZ3603871d ago

I never claimed to be in-game footage mate. Simply a lead in teaser for the game.

What is it with some people, you want new IP, new franchises and series, Development houses spend MILLIONS putting together some for you, and you complain that the release teaser isn't in game. See ing that the game is a while off yet, it would be a bit hard to give you finished and viewable in-game gameplay or footage at this stage.

The game by all accounts is shaping up to be a great tie-in with the EndWar title. You'll be working with the Ghost's Scott Mitchel as they call in air strikes, so you can work with them in securing their movements along the frontline.

We have Endwar coming, a new Rainbow Six series to follow the Vegas one, A new Ghost's game is being worked on, and now we have some high f;lying action to tie it all together. Stop whining and start enjoying the MILLIONS being spent on your account, all you have to do is spend the $us50 ($AU100) to play the games.

Hopefully there won't be a demo of the game, and we simply step straight into the final version. Demos cost way too much time and resources from the main project, and are never really appreciated or received by the gaming public in general.

Check the Endwar In-Game Footage to get an idea of what to expect in both titles (read the in-game-footage note on trailer)

TheIneffableBob3871d ago

Wow, you sound so much like a marketing shill.

XboxOZ3603871d ago

so what's wrong with being passionate about games. These guys make games for us, we play them, we want more innovation, more diverse game playing modes and realism, yet, when a company pours $US20 - 40 million into a game, we (generally speaking) go on the attack, rather than compliment them for what they are doing, we degrade them for what they are not doing, does that make sense ?

I see games as an escape from the pain I suffer from a long standing back problem that has been with me far longer than many of you have been alive (since 1981 I've been taking meds for severe back pain) . . and games are an excellent way of helping deal with, and manage the pain.

Games such as this, and many others that involve some brain work, help produce biochemicals. The normal, run of the mill boring button smashing games do very little other than stimulate my fingers, whereas games such as this, and similar games, make your brain work, it gets your body feeling alive, and even helps you with normal everyday reactions.

So let them pour millions into them, and continue building these great games for US, more power to them.

Yes, they make millions in the process, but if you had a business that poured millions into your products, wouldn't you want millions back in return . . . along with a profit so you can continue doing what you do well . . . you would, wouldn't you ??

Montrealien3871d ago

yeah, the trailers is. But I am hearing this game looks quite good and we can always use more modern airplane games imo. If done well this could be good.



hamburgerhill3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

I wonder if there going to have another Ubidays this month because I would like to see more of this game!

Greeny19723871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

I'm looking forward to this game. I wish they would bring out a helicopter based game as well. Bring on the Apache!

gaminoz3871d ago

That's a great idea! With a slower aircraft like a helicopter there would be less overshooting of the target etc. I'd like to see a game like that. I love those mini-copters you sometimes get to use in some games...a full copter game would be cool.

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