Pure - Build your ride trailer

Take an extremely detailed look at the totality of the customization options for building your own ride.

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Relcom3914d ago

I'm interested got to admit. Never thought i would be

crazy250003914d ago

Honestly I never considered this game until I saw this video. Lets just hope it can do well.

Jamegohanssj53914d ago

This game will suck hard!

The Genius has spoken.

thereapersson3914d ago

It still looks fun. I might rent this and see how it plays, and if I like it, I might pick it up. It certainly has to be better than that trash that was MX vs. ATV 2...

Surfman3914d ago

i really want to try that game, it looks fun. Im a fan of atv, i have one, and all the atv games i played are pieces of garbage. This one looks promising.